Last Friday I decided I would start grinding out some of the MP achievements for this game. I had completed three but noticed they were not unlocking. I contacted Xbox support and live was having problems at that time and they told me once it was fixed I should be fine, it did not work once live was back on. I went back and talked to them and gave me some steps to follow and it did not work.

I read a thread about removing your profile and adding it back on, the only catch is you would have to redo the achievements. This worked for two of the games I was having problems with but not this one. I escaped death three times using the rope ascender but nothing popped, I purchased another multiplayer character and still nothing. I was level 11 and now I'm at level 13 but still no achievement for reaching level 10. I'm not sure if this is effecting all my remaining achievements or just the MP ones for this game. I also tried deleting my saved data hoping that would reset my MP level back to 0(Xbox support said it would but it did not). Xbox support advised me to try and contact you all maybe a solution could be found. Any help would be greatly appreciated.