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Thread: Shadow of the tomb raider

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    Shadow of the tomb raider

    So the title for the next tomb raider game has been leaked but we have no confirmation from square. The title is Shadow of the Tomb Raider and they say it is developed by Eidos instead of crystal dynamics. This kind of worries me because well the overall tone might change. I wanna hear your thoughts about it. Are you excited about the new developer or slightly worried?

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    It's been six months and we don't seem any closer to an actual announcement, but I have enjoyed all the games thus far so I'd say I'm excited. I actually have enjoyed both Batman Arkham Origins and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, both of which fit the same bill (ie third game in a series that is "outsourced" to a different studio), so even if there might be some changes in tonality and the like, I suspect most of the game will rely on foundations we are well familiarized with.

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    Hopefully in the next one she's a bit more confident and glamorous like in the classics! Or at least a happy medium between the two versions. Hopefully she's going somewhere, that somewhere being a bit more of the self assured and striking woman she grows into.

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    It is a great game and very fun to play. This game Shadow of the Tomb Raider is extremely worth getting. My friends and I play this game a lot, we got this game at an extreme discount rate you can see it here. She is more confident and classic. Everyone should definitely try this game at least once.

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