The game claim to "Complete Gamepad Support" but when I try to play with a Gamepad (DualShock4) the controls don't behave correctly.

I've tried to run the controller in "Native mode" as well as "XInput mode (DS4Windows)" and none of them worked correctly, I also launched the game from "BigPicture" and from "DesktopSteam" mode and none of them worked correctly.

When I launch the game Steam seems to detect the gamepad layout as "Desktop Mode", so... controller buttons stay unresponsive and you have to control the whole game with the Right Stick and the Shoulder buttons, If that was the intended GamePad support it's a mess...

So I think it's being detected wrongly.

Is there any way to solve this?

Native Controller Support seems to be implemented from what I have seen on "ControllerConfig" menu inside the game, but is seems it's not detecting the gamepad mode correctly.