Thread: Please, do not make any more Deus Ex games

Please, do not make any more Deus Ex games

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    Unhappy Please, do not make any more Deus Ex games

    It hirts to see what developers doing with such a great game from past. It's like vandalism, making such a bad sequels for a great games like Deus Ex (2000) and Human Revolution. Invisible War was console adaptation of Deus Ex with casual gameplay style and other simplifications that...simply saying went not good. Then we get nice Human Revolution, which took step from RPG+Action+Stealth to Action+Stealth gameplay, but with outsanding atmosphere,visual style,plot and possibilites. I clearly see that Human Revolution made with love and developers put a sole into that project. Of course it's not perfect, but it's great - no doubs. Then, Deus Ex took a train on 1-way to hell...Deus Ex: The Fall (I don't want to talk about that) and horrible Mankind Divided. Mankind Divided made same mistakes like Invisible War, but even worse: It's stared with Twitch stream about #cantkillprogress thing, that wasn't bad at all, and trailer devs showed at end was very good. I was about to pre-order DX:MD but then...AUGMENT YOUR PRE-ORDER happend and that was huge nail into coffin. Nice way to treat your community, especially with fans that playing Deus Ex from first days of relase in 2000. From that moment I simply forgot about Mankind Divided and got this game on 75% sale on Steam not long ago and....what a shame...I was literally shocked when I saw "Store" in in-game pause menu where you can buy praxis and money (if I remember correctly), WTF? Who came up with this? Did he ever played some good PC game and not that iOS/Android free apps? Thank god that game not showing us payed advertisement inside menu or stop game in middle of mission by opening internet browser and showing some pages of upcoming anime boy-band fantasy game from Square Enix. Talking about game itself - I get really strange feeling when I play this game, especially when Adam takes shower and talk with Sarif half-nude like it's ok (maybe they have history idk) or quest about MyStErIoUs mind-controling guy who manipulates homeless agus who lived in sewers just to...

    Of course I went goofy on this one, because it's not best moment of my gaming experience when I played Mankind Divided and when I try to remember things my hearts break and soul scream, so in conclusion:
    I don't know who is responsible for this fail (mankind divided), either it was some new hired stuff from Eidos ( guess some hipsters who played a lot Google Play apps) or Square Enix and their hunt for $$$$, but if some reason you reading this, just remember: you broke heart of many Deus Ex fans - number one: that's terror, number two: that's terror.

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    MD is a fine game. The store model is from SE and the devs already said that they didn't want to add it. So the game is developed without the need for any money usage. The game itself is awesome but left some questions while the plot was a bit to easy to read. But the problems around augmented people are a fine build up. MD is not perfekt but far deeper and better then many other games around these times.

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    I thought Mankind Divided was better than Human Revolution. All those little things that you might miss how many ways things can play out are so great. But I admit the story and characters suffer if you haven't read Black Light and played The Fall.
    Also it was same team that developed the game and augment your pre-order was canned. But yeah Square really messed things up by meddling.
    Also I suggest you go to the beach or start some team sport to help with your phobia of male torso
    Personally I hope to see more. I love the world and lore and usually play these games in couple of days these are just so good.

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    Originally Posted by Tallantis
    MD is a fine game. The store model is from SE and the devs already said that they didn't want to add it. So the game is developed without the need for any money usage. The game itself is awesome but left some questions while the plot was a bit to easy to read. But the problems around augmented people are a fine build up. MD is not perfekt but far deeper and better then many other games around these times.
    I have to agree completely. I understand that some people were expecting more, but even after reading negative reviews and posts about the games and finishing 2 playthoughs, I can still say with clarity; I love this game. It might have felt like a sudden ending but it got me more pumped for the next game (hoping there is one) and what the Illuminati has planned for Adam Jensen and Janus, and to see which choices come through in the game. I.E. Saving Miller with antidote and putting Victor in prison and Saving the Delegates. I can't wait to see how things play out.

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    Yes, in many aspects Mankind Divided was better than Human Revolution. If we disregard technical issues, then my only complaint is that the main story was short and ended abruptly. Still, it's better than Panchaea nonsense.

    I don't like to use words like quests and bosses when talking about Deus Ex, but here we go. Quests were good and bosses were fine, if in a bit contrived environments.

    Prague was nice, but I fear they spent a bit too much on it. Which is what the real issue here, limited time and resources. HR engine was old even at the time of release, they had to work with the new engine for MD, Dawn Engine. Now it is in usable state and the devs are more experienced with it there's no reason to deny them another chance (not that we have any direct power over that). Another game in the same vein is what they should do, without distractions like Thief 4 and The Fall.

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    all tho I dont have 90,000 posts, I have to defend MD, since 1999 Ive played Metal Gear Solid, back then, gfx were just awfully cubed, hands were just a square, etc, first time picking up MD, yes I skipped a whole bunch of other D.E.'s, I have to say the gaming industry came A LOOOOOOOOOONG WAY. And beating D.E. this weekend, I honestly dont find anything wrong at all with MD. Well except the AI thinking they can out gun the master here typing, but besides that I fell in love with it. I wish SQ ENIX would make even More D.E.'s.

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    I also thought that MD was a better DX-game then HR (although I liked it and TML was really good). I held off buying and playing MD for a very long time for several reasons. I felt offput by the huge number of reviews that hinted at the game's butchered story line and the unsatisfactory ending. The other publisher-stunts that people were angry about and the way they treated this forum didn't help either and the PR-releases after the big delay kinda failed to sell the game properly, IMO. In short: I really wasn't psyched to buy the game - even though I'm considering myself a massive fan of DX1, Cyberpunk and immersive sims in general. So, when I finally got it (for way less then the retail price at release), my expectations were low and the first 2-3 hours the game felt like a very mixed bag to me. Then it somehow clicked and I started really enjoying my time in that world and I started to feel that DX-magic again - more then HR was able to give me. In my opinion they improved many aspects (the gunplay, the movement, the level design, the visual design, the increased number of details and interactivity in the game world, some of the gameplay mechanics, etc.). I also liked that the game world felt a bit more mundane and therefore more credible in parts. It's still quite heavy-handed in terms of "Augs vs Naturals" but if you look around there's more to be found, making the world feel richer then that of HR. Luckily I experienced only a few technical difficulties, since much had been patched already.

    The main story and ending didn't feel quite as chopped up as I was bracing myself for but unfortunately the reviews weren't lying either. It does feel like the middle part of a trilogy and unsatisfactory on its own. I kind of like the characters in MD more then the collection of jerks that bugged HR. I even liked Jensen much more then his HR-version. I still felt a bit limited to moralizing comments during the dialogues but overall Adam felt less like a guy who fakes a gravely voice to appear more badass then he is but more like a guy actually lived through stuff. Although they made some effort to provide different outcomes for the player's dialogue tree decisions, I would have hoped for more and also more real impact on the world and main story. But maybe I'm misjudging it and more playthroughs could prove me wrong.

    Another big issue is the resource balancing and the relatively uninspired new augs. Like I feared, I had maxed out all the interesting things way too early during a single playthrough (on the highest difficulty setting). I had much more credits, hypostims and biocells then I ever needed for most of the time.

    Still, I would love (and after that ending, even demand) to play the conclusion of Jensen's story! I would feel seriously annoyed if they put the franchise on hiatus now! As mentioned by Xaduha and others it would also seem quite dumb to not use their experience with the engine now.

    I do feel a bit sorry about not getting it full price but then again, they really did put me off with their monetarization stunts. I still haven't played System Rift or the new DLC but reading through the reviews and comments about System Rift, it seems that while the quality is good, it's also way overpriced for the amount of content (that may or may not be cut from the main game). So again, I'm not exactly compelled to shell out full price. Should I do it, it would be only because the main game is worth more then I payed and because I really want to get that sequel (meaning another main game)!
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