Thread: Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Edition on PSN?

Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Edition on PSN?

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    Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Edition on PSN?

    So I've been trying to find out why the 20th anniverssary editions of Final Fantasy I & II aren't available on the North American PSN for ditial download, but am not having any luck. It just seems really odd that FFI is availabe for digital distribution for iOS, Android and Windows phone, but not for the system it was originally designed for (PSP) here in North America. Especially since it's available on the other regions' PSN stores.

    So is there a reason it hasn't been availabe on-line here? Is there something that could be done to get these two great games up on the PSN?

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    how to unlock this one .

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    Just order it via ebay or amazon won't cost a lot ( IN UMD) if we're foolish enought to buy The Go version of the PSP then our srewed since it don't runs UMD's and above all it has a smaller screen

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    Definitely not the PSPGo. I was hoping to be able to play it on the Vita. More than anything, I just don't understand S-E's policy for NOT releasing what would appear to be their best selling PSP games on the North American PSN.

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    Has any company in North America released a PSP game (that was available as UMD only in North America before 2012) on the PSN after the launch of Vita?

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    CC, from what I can find, there have actually only been two PSP games released on PSN after the Vita launched, and both were available on the same day the UMD was available.

    Yes, I know it's unlikely to happen. I just thought I'd ask and hopefully get a response as to why North America is the only region where the PSP versions of Final Fantasy I and II aren't available on PSN. Ah well.

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    HUNTER, you're absolutely right. I just emailed SE through their support site, and they gave me a generic trash reponse that appeared like they haven't even read my post at all. It's really sad, but they don't care about the gamers any more because they already made their money and that really is all they care about now. The merger of Squaresoft and Enix was supposed to be the greatest RPG merger of all time, but in reality it was a terrible thing because they just morphed into this greedy conglomorate corporate monster. They ignore their roots and worse, their loyal customers. If you know your history, Squaresoft would NEVER be where they are today if the original Final Fantasy did not do as well as it did. That is why it was called "FINAL Fantasy" - it very well could've been the last game Square ever made. Let's not forget about Enix. Where the hell is Actraiser 3? It's about damn time they put it out. Capcom finally got around to making a Bionic Commando sequel when PS3 came out. And here we are 6 months later; the EU and JP PSNs BOTH have FFI and II available for digital download to play on the VITA, and we get screwed just because of where we live. I'm with you man, I'd f'in LOVE to play FFI & II on the VITA and it's just not going to happen. Shame on you, Squeenix! They've become money-grubbing emo-obsessed whores. All the new Final Fantasy games are just utter trash. FFIV was the t1ts for PSP, where's an expanded version of FFVI? I've pretty much given up hope. At least Konami put out Castlevania HOD on PSN a couple years ago, as well as Castlevania Chronicles (which comes with SotN) for PSP on US PSN. Vita's doing terribly because of the weak-ass game selection, and FFI & II probably have a much bigger influence on the market than anyone cares to realize. FFT for PSP-VITA was a great move, why can't we have the rest? About the only thing I do with my VITA is end up playing PSP games on it, sadly.

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    The quote from PalmerSensei
    Posted 4/4/2012 5:19:07 PM

    said it best.

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    Seriously Square-Enix!!! where is FFI & FFII Anniversary edition for NA PSN? One of the all times favorite versions of FFI & II and its not in NA PSN yet!!! I'm really disappointed with with the lack of support for NA PSN meanwhile Europe and Japan has them. This is a long time fan speaking since FFI Nintendo and a major Sony supporter... this is lame and unacceptable.

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    Why does the North America PSN not Have Final Fantasy 1 and 2 Anniversary editions?

    What really grinds my gears is that these versions are available on both the EU PSN and JPN PSN.
    So why do we get the inferior Origins versions?
    I am only asking this since I am in the process of making my PS Vita/PS3 into my Final Fantasy machines but it makes no sense to get the versions with less content/polish when the others are clearly available. Does anyone know why this is?

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    Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Edition on PSN?

    When will these PSP games be released to the NA PSN? They will make absolutely awesome additions to many peoples Vita FF collections. Japan and Europe have them, but I am pretty sure lots of us here in America would like to own digital copies as well. Especially since the PS Vita is the successor to the PSP and does not play UMD's. Anyone willing to support this please comment, and maybe Square Enix will notice there is a market for it.

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    I seriously hope that they become available sometime soon, or at all for that matter. Really does rather suck that it was not released region wide.

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    I'd like to see them doing it but I'm afraid it's been 3.5 years since they came to Australia & Europe...and since then they've released Origins on the NA store but not in AU or EU. Seems they decided to do this instead I'm afraid.

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    Just got off a live chat with Sony support. Apparently it has a planned NA release but its TBA. So it's coming.....just not yet.
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    I've been waiting for this release for years... Seriously square, its like you don't want my money. I'm never buying origins since I already own it physically and I want to play the PSP versions on my Vita.

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    Big time WTF. I check every week for this.