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Thread: XII Brilliance

XII Brilliance

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    Love XII,one of my favourites Final Fantasy have my save 999 hours,they could make it on PS3,or Vita.

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    I absolutely love Final Fantasy XII. It has my favorite gameplay in the series by far; and I think its a crying shame that Square Enix abandoned XII's innovation whenever they created XIII which was a step backwards in every possible category. I hope FFXV has Ito in charge of the gameplay again so that we can see an open-world style FF game like this with beautiful art design, gameplay variety, and enormous amounts of content and sidequests. Ivalice has proven itself to be an amazing setting; I hope that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is not the last time we see it.

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    I thought SE was getting back on the right track with FF12. If FF13's world was as open as FF12's, I don't think it would've been hated on as much as it was. But, I won't get into all of that in this thread. RPGs need to be open and vast. It bugs me when RPG Developers don't do this.

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    Originally Posted by YoshiKatYoko
    I've decided to rack up my PS2 and play this game. Before XIII was released, I loved this game. It's absolutely the best installment in my taste. Currently having a Speed Run NLU challenge, and at Barheim Passage. Memories Memories..

    In my opinion a speed run of any FF game defeats the point, these games (especially ffxii) are deep involved games with complicated side quests and large worlds to explore. IMO ffxii has great replay value because of the license board, you can use Vaan as a physical attacker and then replay the game with him as a mage. The only character set in his ways is Bacsh, he is who he is, a fierce masher.

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    I will be playing it at 1080p definition hopefully using the pcsx2 emulator with my new custom desktop. But however i still can't wait for square to release it along with X and X-2 alongside some challenging trophies.[img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif[/img]

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    Man, Final Fantasy XII was the best setting and battle system for an open world enviroment on ps2. I pre ordered the collectors editon back 2006. Squarenix must include XII along with X trying to forget about X-2 for both Vita and PS3. Kojima made it with MGS. I remember it was really hard to unlock every concurrence with the quickning attacks, man XII is exceptional, forget about Revenant Wings too.[img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif[/img]

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    Originally Posted by CyberOliver
    I will be playing it at 1080p definition hopefully using the pcsx2 emulator with my new custom desktop. But however i still can't wait for square to release it along with X and X-2 alongside some challenging trophies.
    I Think I just might do that. one Question, Did anyone get The Zodiac Spear from The First time?

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    Originally Posted by Black

    Originally Posted by CyberOliver

    I will be playing it at 1080p definition hopefully using the pcsx2 emulator with my new custom desktop. But however i still can't wait for square to release it along with X and X-2 alongside some challenging trophies.

    Hi, the zodiac spear? yes! You can acquire it at a late chapter or by opening certain treasure chests early.[img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif[/img]

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    Amazing Exceptional Game. I loved It From the first Second, The Endless Areas, Mind blowing Graphics, Strong Monsters, Its like A dreamcome true.

    I have never Wished To be Inside of a Game Like XII, Ilove FF Series and SE, They Did A great Jop Regarding this specific Game.

    And Finaly Go Forword SE and prosper.

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    I absolutely love this game and I'm sad it has not received as much love as FFX did, or even XIII. FFXII was a huge step forward in my opinion, at least in terms of gameplay. This was the first time I had played a Final Fantasy that made me feel like I was experiencing a living, breathing world. There was so much lore and side content. I was absolutely lost in Ivalice. I loved it. It made me excited for future Final Fantasy titles, thinking that they had really made a step forward in the FF series and that future FFs would reflect this one.

    Then came FXIII and all of my hopes and dreams for the future of FF were shattered. Gone was a magical, immersive world full of adventure- instead we got an rpg on rails with a linear progression system and linear story, and a return to turn based combat. And don't get me wrong, turn based combat isn't bad by any means- but the fact that it didn't take place in the actual game world and we were required to be transported to another screen is so primitive and something I thought they did away with permanently in XII- boy was I wrong. The battle system was good but I feel that XII's was vastly superior and required much more thought and pre-strategy. I would spend hours in FFXII perfecting gambits. If you had the wrong gambits on your characters in certain areas you were effed. FFXIII however was really all about testing how fast you could input commands. That's it. It was a system designed around speed and nothing else.

    FFXII's world, world lore, gameplay and side content are far superior than most other FFs in the series if you ask me and I am horribly upset that Square Enix took such a HUGE step backward with XIII. I really hope that they put more thought into FFXV. They're not doing so well as a company right now with such a mixed response to XIII and XIV's failed launch- I am faithful that a realm reborn will redeem their online FF universe but we still have XV to think about. Get with the times SE, if you want to maintain a place in the global market you need to make games that appeal to what modern gamers want. In today's modern gaming world, players prefer big open rpgs with lots of content and customization, not linear games with crappy characters and cheesy J pop atmospheres.

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    What I liked most about this game was the battles and the length of the game. I actally never did every hunt but I did get all the Espers! The change to a different type of system was fun and interesting. I hope they remake this game for mobile devices (either the 3ds or Vita)!

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    When SE made FF12, they proved that they could still create large and explorable FF worlds in the "New Age" of gaming. Granted, the game wasn't as 'open' as most of the previous titles were. But, it 'was' open. Well, it still is. lol

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    Final Fantasy XII was far more open than any of the other Final Fantasies. While it's true that the first 9 allowed you to walk across the planet, those worlds were small and mostly empty. Their content was contained on other, smaller maps which were almost always explored in a linear progression. Final Fantasy XII provided a world full of things and places, a world it took more time to explore once than it took to explore the worlds of the older games two or three times. My hope is that someday, all Final Fantasies will have worlds as expansive and immersive.

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    The reason why I say that FF12 isn't as open as the older games is, even though the world is larger, we're still not allowed to freely roam the sea and the sky. In the older games, I love how I'd be roaming the sea and I'd come across some island or islands out in the middle of nowhere that had nothing to do with the main story. Sometimes, you'd need an airship or even a special type of chocobo in order to access the treasures on those islands. Those were the days when the rewards were well worth the time and trouble. The reward for completing Bahamut's "Proof of Courage" quest in FF1 is one of my favorites.

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    Absolutely my favorite of the FF series for the PS2! By the way my best time for beating Yiazamat was 1hr. 47min. & some seconds!

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    I found all the main characters endearing, and fun to play...It just had this unique world....And the Sky pirate not just any pirate lol He made Hans Solo look plastic....with his vanity, taking Ashe's beloved ring though he returned it..the exchanges between him and Vaugn when they first met lol...Vaugn he was so fun to play and like everybody said it was free roam. To I liked how the leveling system was set up with licenses. To many cool things in this game...

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