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    Is this site a joke or what???? I came here to find info on subject, only to see that the site is listed under "Upcoming Titles". The game has already been released!!!! I try to go to the sub-forum and it says its undergoing maintenance. Really! Does anybody work here? Are there any mods responding to anything. I went to the Technical forum and its the same deal there. I see a ton of threads with 0 replies. Shut this site down if nobody is working here.

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    With the huge influx of spams all over the place I wonder if there are even any mods around. Seems more like an abandoned site than an official forum.

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    i agree, they FINALLY posted the FF15 forum on here, instead of keeping it separate at the ff15 main site at least but the down side is the forum has been pretty much down since soon after the game released. SE is ridiculous! how are we supposed to know about the supposed upcoming carnival in FF15 if there isn't a spot anywhere to post news on the game?

    I would like to point out that SE has not done a good job with this game! 10yrs development and we get a game that is technically "unfinished" from a story standpoint, which they are fixing by having the story elements patched in when they are done with it. This game is not meant to be an MMO or a game like Minecraft! the story is good but I have no place to read about elements of the story that are more detailed like how we have in FF13 or FF Type-0, we have no bestiary, stuff that should have been in the game on DAY ONE are being patched in later! if you check out patches 1.01 and 1.02 it specifically states new cut scenes were added and cut scenes were altered.


    Scenes that explained Revus's and Luna's relationship and what Revus's motivations were were missing, scenes that formed more of a bond between Luna and Noctis were missing which made me feel nothing for her when stuff happened. the connection of the bond between Noctis and Regis through the car really didn't happen at all until the very end when stuff happens in the final chapter and Noct has to leave deal with stuff after the train. the bond between Noctis and Regis didn't really happen at all in the game! The villain's motivations were not explained, what actually went down in Niflheim is only listed in text notes left behind and offhand remarks about the Emperor, and one casually thrown out line by Ardyn. I would have liked to have been able to see more with Iris, she is a VERY likable character and she wasn't in the game too much, but even with that, I liked her more than I liked Luna!

    There is the fact that SE put out misleading advertising with the "Reclaim your Throne" tagline considering how everything goes down at the end of the game. There is the whole "Show, Not Tell" phrase when writing a story and during the last half of the game (Altissia to the end of the game), not much was shown or told to us the player, and when Noct awakens 10yrs in the future, he knows more information from his slumber than we the player do!

    I REALLY wanted to get out and explore the dangerous world of the World of Ruin during the end of of the game, except I pretty ended up running out of Galdin Quay and trying to escape from monsters which i had no business fighting, i get to the road, and I meet up with someone that gives me a ride and I end up in Hammerhead, cannot leave unless it is to go to the final battle in Insomnia, and have no way to see what Lestallum and other areas look like. I feel a chance at revisiting what made FF6 great was missed (finding and meeting up with the party to go and try and save the world from further destruction).

    what about the fact that the Archive menu selection is a complete joke?! i mean come on! Fish, Dishes and Photos? obviously those are more important than having a story summary or a section on game lore that gets unlocked as you find the Cosmogony books laying around, or or a section for other diary entries and notes you find, let alone a Bestiary! All there is to game lore is the 4 big pictures in the tutorial, and you have to do the tutorial EVERY time to read them, and then the Cosmogony book lore is found and forgotten cuz you cannot remember where you saw them and what they said cuz you are busy with hunting down frogs or hunting beasties to kill and whatnot.

    Then there is the fact that SE promised us a fully traversable world map... did that go out the window when they rewrote the story? I thought Tabata had to keep certain things in the game that were already mentioned to the public when Nomura was directing it? the only region we can traverse is Lucis! and even then, not all of it is explorable! the boat ride to Altissia is all on rails and automatic, fine, understandable, but we were promised a giant world to explore like in ff9 and earlier, and it was announced that Type-0 and vs 13/15 was supposed to do that, so far, only Type-0 delivered. when you get the F-Type Regalia in post game, you cannot leave the Lucis region, you can only land and take off on the roads! THIS IS NOT TRAVERSABLE AT ALL!

    if you look at the world map while in Altissia, the area is HUGE and you are confined to a VERY small portion of the city, the rest of it only lights up during the Leviathan sequence and even then there is a WHOLE bunch of unexplorable areas! Then when you get to the train area, there is a HUGE giant map we are travelling through on train but the actual part that lights up is the parts where the rails and train station is! this is 3 areas of the game that are NOT CONNECTED!

    FULLY TRAVERSABLE means it is like Dragon Quest and old FF games: you leave the map on one edge of the screen and reenter on the other edge, you can go anywhere on that map, over mountains, oceans, underwater (in the case of FF7), paths through mountains, etc.


    as much as I enjoyed the game, I refuse to pay for any important story elements which should be in the game from the very beginning - FF13-2: the arena isn't usable without dlc, the casino is broken without dlc, there was important story elements released in 13-2 that leads into LR: FF13 but you had to PAY for it when you shouldn't have had to!

    Fire Emblem Fates suffered from this! WHY THE HECK WOULD I PUT OUT $80 to get the complete story of a game?! you had to buy the initial game for $40 then get the unlocks for the other 2 parts for $20 per part! even the special edition cart version of the game cost $80 with all 3 story choices unlocked on cart from the beginning! sure, the stories are completely different but each part only hold a part of the whole storyline, and you cannot figure out what is really going on without getting all the parts! I feel that game companies are using micro-transactions to the extreme and they have become money grubbing as a result! it is one thing to add extra side content for fun, it is another to have to pay for important story elements which you should be getting in the game from the beginning!

    old RPG's like Radiata Stories, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Tales of Xillia 1 and others had choices in which you could dramatically change the story/direction of the game, based on your main character or a particular choice you make later on in the game, etc. NOW we have to pay for those choices! complete BS!

    There is also the strange and weird goings on at SE during the development of vs 13/FF15: A website was put up on the japanese FNC mythos portal for vs 13 which included the Jan. 2011 vs 13 PS3 trailer, and it was left on the site for 3 years, with no news from SE past more news coming soon, and it was only removed and turned into the FF15 site only after the reveal at E3 2014. Nomura mentioned several times he would be putting out news on the game but he was hushed up cuz it never happened. In 2012 kotaku wrote an article stating than an inside source told them that vs 13 was cancelled and folded into the upcoming FF15, SE's response: the game isn't cancelled, it is on schedule, you will love it, etc., aka. THEY LIED TO US! When Nomura was taken off the project and Tabata was made main director, they decided to scrap 6yrs worth of story ideas and rewrote it, leaving only traces of the original FNC influences: Noctis and co. wearing black. and even though they had most of the resources from the 6yrs of development which Nomura is definitely responsible for, and they had 3 yrs to put the game together, the game came out feeling kinda unpolished and still having bugs which is why they had to delay the game for putting the 1.01 patch on the disc, and then for extra measure they decided to add patch info for PS4 pro and for people that might want to use the VR with FF15!, and despite all this, the Day One release of FF15 had little to no explanation for what happens during the last half of the game or why, and apparently some inside source at SE claims that before they left the story was re-written, most of the main work was done on the first part of the game which is why the story is more solid feeling, and other numerous things. vs13 was supposed to be 1 game in 3 parts, kinda like how they are releasing the upcoming FF7 remake, and they decided to turn it into 1 game, where this is all fine, i feel the reason the story suffered was due to the fact that most of the work was done on the first part of the game cuz they were working on part 1 of the story, and the people higher up at SE decided they didn't like how it was going so they decided to scrap it.

    The only credit Nomura gets is at the title screen stating it is based on characters created by him, whereas Tabata gets full credits for being the director of the game in the end credits even though he was co-director for part of it. I feel that Nomura sorta had something similar happen to him as what happened to Kojima with Konami. SE is really being stupid! they halted work on FF15 due to wanting to concentrate all their time on the FF13 games and then the FF14 revamp, then once they finished that, they started working on FF15 full time, and yet Tabata was trying to get Type-1/Next released for the sequel to Type-0 and they pretty much said he had to finish work on FF15 before he could do any more work on it. SE really is screwing with their employee's lives, and I feel it is VERY unfair to them! Considering FF15 wasn't even done on retail release is a bad sign that Tabata is gonna be busy for a while and we won't get to see Type Next for a long while.

    also, does anyone remember when FF15 was supposed to be using the upcoming game mechanics for KH3? I have to say that FF15 does NOT play like any of the KH games I have played so far. and the way Fallout 3 and New Vegas was supposed to be sneak peak at the game engine which was gonna be used in Skyrim, it definitely happened, I feel that the potential that FF15 had that way was removed and made kind of bland.
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    Originally Posted by moooka
    With the huge influx of spams all over the place I wonder if there are even any mods around. Seems more like an abandoned site than an official forum.
    don't forget we have Grimoire, the mod that pays attention and merges everything into one topic so that no one can have a decent conversation anymore.

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed the ghost town of a forum here. I've got about 12 hours into the game and really love it so far. Except for the audio and graphical glitches I've experienced on the Xbox One.

    I posted on the technical side and so far NO response. I've scoured the web and see references to Dec 2016, but nothing recent about the potential for any kind of patch. I've missed so much of the story due to not being able to hear anything. It's only intermittent, but still, it sucks to come to a cut scene and either have the audio so far ahead/behind the animation, or, to just not have the audio at all.

    I'm also seeing signs of the grainy graphics every so often, mainly when we're driving and I'm a passenger.

    But the worst part of all is the game will freeze in the middle of action, not all the time, but I get so immersed in the game and it happens at the most inopportune moments.

    I also wonder about the timing for the release with all these issues being present. It's not as bad as Ubisoft with The Division, yet, and hope it never gets to that level, but still. It seems to be the norm these days with rushing games out that aren't finished yet.


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    Originally Posted by bolty32
    don't forget we have Grimoire, the mod that pays attention and merges everything into one topic so that no one can have a decent conversation anymore.
    Actually, he left already.

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    I just went through the entire Pitious runes. It took me 3 plus hours. I got in my car and flew off, only to explode on a wall. What did I find? I'm back at the campsite with everthing reset because i forgot to save!!!!!. Three plus hours wasted! Is this really the best you can do Square-Enix!? You couldn't put a simple auto save in to reward players for beating the dungeon? I am having a hard time convincing myself to even pick up the controller again after this bull.

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    Originally Posted by WedgeAndBiggs
    I just went through the entire Pitious runes. It took me 3 plus hours. I got in my car and flew off, only to explode on a wall. What did I find? I'm back at the campsite with everthing reset because i forgot to save!!!!!. Three plus hours wasted! Is this really the best you can do Square-Enix!? You couldn't put a simple auto save in to reward players for beating the dungeon? I am having a hard time convincing myself to even pick up the controller again after this bull.
    My game auto-saves, haven't figured out exactly what triggers it, but it does. Plus I'm so paranoid with other games having issues like this, I save myself every half hour or so. Did you change your settings for auto-saving?

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    Guys, a Brazilian buyer and franchise admirer writing here, first of all, congratulations for the grate debut in this generation with Final Fantasy XV, the game's awesome, and most important, it have a SOUL, and that's what many games lack these days. But as most things in life, not everything is flowers, and there's something that really bothered me, and i believe you should listen to the community, as you say you're doing, and learn with the good practices of other companies, if want to do DLC's, do like CDProjekt with The Witcher, and to improve and really make modern side quests, give a look in Mass Effect franchise. As i wrote, the game's grate, it have a soul, many incredible moments and probably the best graphics, character design, creature design, soundtrack, and summon design in years, and beats by far the most of things released this year, BUT, the history is rushed and there's only one memorable, or relevant, antagonist, I KNOW, that you guys are in this for cash, but don't rush things like this anymore because instead of a great Final Fantasy, you could have made, THE Final Fantasy.Be careful with your "more profitable" choices because there's way too many sections that were ripped off, and i'm sad because it's very likely that many, if not all, of them will be SOLD as DLC, this is sad, ugly, and low, because we paid for a whole product, and the hugest part of the players loved what you gave to us, but we also know of this strategy and are aware of this kind of bad market behavior. We love your work, and we do not care paying for it, but you have to deliver a whole product, not rushed, not mutiladed and not for market pressure, neither fanbase pressure. You are artists, give us the whole art, if you guys could make a decent update in the maps and even history or character development for FREE we wiil be very happy and it would be very good for the game market in a general way, take Mass Effect 3 fo example, they made a aweful ending choice pressured by EA, and the fanbase reacted, so they had to make amends, they made a mistake, we made them see it, and they learned and improved. The DLC's of the 3 crownsguards are clever and fair in my point of view, after all in the game we Role Play Noctis, but ripping off, important parts of the map, and plot, is very bad, and will be brutally sad if you had taken away Tenebrae and Insomnia, and even Galahd and Niflheim from us, just for theoretically profitable reasons. Please, read this, and compreenhend that we love your art, and loved your new FF, but don't screw with us with bad market behavior because that's shameful and WE do not deserve it. Thank you again for this amazing road trip, even with some holes on it, it's a great return for this amazing franchise.

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    And if Grimoire doesn't work on the forum anymore, TAKE HIM OFF THE LIST OF MODERATOR's, for the love of God. This place sucks major ass!!!

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    My Review for Final Fantasy XV

    While I like the new direction Director Tabata has taken with the action combat. Moving away even from the ATB and Gambit battle system of Crisis Core. The combat lacks many things that would’ve added more variety to it. Following features are lacking:

    Lack of Variety: There isn’t much variety in battle as seen from the generic hack-and-slash in the battle modes and the Altissia battle. There are no interactive battle sequences where as a player I would feel the dangers of the environment I am battling in. Example: Falling rocks, pieces, buildings etc. We should be able to tackle and fiht enemies and engage with them in hand-to-hand combat and take and use their weapons against them – specially in the Nifleheim base where we should be able to do this.

    Lack of Interactive Combat: There is sheer lack of scripted interactive combat just like there is lack of variety in combat. I recommend take Hints from Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End combat for reference.

    Climbing feature – in the ATRs it was shown that Noctis could climb up giants beasts while earlier trailers showed Noctis’ climbing Lucis building and Nifleheim airships. The climb feature is by far one of the most realistic elements added to combat and gameplay in the current generation games. FFXV lacks this one very important feature.

    Warp-strike points: Very few warp-strike points during battle. It would be nice to see an action combat with warping abilities as shown in the movie Kingsglaive.

    Auto-mode: While we can Press Square button on the PS4 to dodge attacks, toher than that the combat is pretty much automatic in the sense that we have to just Press down Circle and R1 button on the PS4 and the battle pretty much plays on its own.
    Rope/grapple feature: There is no rope/hook/grappling feature and it’s an open world game.

    Swim feature: I don’t understand why a swim feature was taken out of an open-world game. Why? A swim feature is as real as the gameplay gets in these days for exploration and just viewing the world. Even Linear games like the Uncharted 4 are featuring a swim feature these days, what’s Tabata’s, FFXV Dev’s or Business Division 2’s excuse for not including a swim feature?


    Always with the Friends: Noctis is never alone, other than the story-driven point where he is infact left alone and has to travel alone for some time. It’s annoying really that Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus are ALWAYS besides Noctis during exploring, running. It’ll be nice to just have them sit by the campfire, and just take Noctis alone in the night or day and just explore with Noctis ALONE. As a player, I need to connect to Noctis and value him as the Hero by xploring what and what cannot Noctis do when alone. There should be an option where we can choose to either travel with or without the Noctis’ bodyguards, which as the game progresses feel more like baby-sitters. There’s an important factor about Noctis’ growth to be able to handle his exploration and journey alone too.

    Lack of Female party members: There is a dire need to add more female permanent party members to the gameplay and not just Aranea or Iris but Cindy and especially Lunafreya. Variety can be added that to the interaction between characters. As well as various relationships between characters can be deeply explored. IT could be that certain arty members can explore together; Noctis and Luna just as duo sometimes.

    Lacks of Explorable and Accessible places on the map: The world of Eos is vast with various regions consisting of Lucis: Insomnia, Tenebrae, Nifleheim: Gralea, Accordo: Altissia, Duscae, Solheim, Lestellum, Caem, Glacia. Yet only Duscae, Lestellum and Caem are fully explorable. It’s an open-word game, every part on the map should be fully explorable and accessible. Solheim has so much importance to the creation and beginning of Eos yet that place wasn’t even shown on the map, let alone accessible. Please add Solheim as an explorable and accessible area too.

    Lack of Story Based Side-quests: Almost every side quest that we encounter is either a delivery mission, fetch quests (fetch dogtags/frogs/ precious gems etc). Instead the side quests should be mini-stories about NPCs lives in Eos and how are they affected by the plague and how they feel about it and how the NPCs feel how the world can be and should be saved. How the NPCs feel regarding the demons and their problems. Side-quests should revolvv around these and should be about solving NPCs serious problem regarding the plague and the world of Eos.

    Lack of Interactive environment: Everything in the world seems to be nailed down to the ground. When Noctis is running and he bumps into some chair or small table, he stops, instead of knocking down the chair or the small table. This is the sign of the PS3 gaming era and that Final Fantasy XV codes and environment were built for PS3 and haven’t since been updated. The environment needs to highly interactive for the player to feel immersed into the game.

    Stamina Bar: Whoever came up with the Stamina bar? It does feel real to be exhausted after sprinting, but in an open-world game it’ll be better to have an endless sprint. While there is an option where I can activate an endless sprint, it’s still annoying.
    Lack of Warping: We cannot warp during normal running in the game. I do not like this. I’d love to travel fast by warping and leave my friends behind once in a while. It makes sense too, since Noctis can warp normally in his real life, it’ll be normal for him to use the warping feature in in-game running or exploring.

    Swim feature: I don’t understand why a swim feature was taken out of an open-world game. Why? A swim feature is as real as the gameplay gets in these days for exploration and just viewing the world. Even Linear games like the Uncharted 4 are featuring a swim feature these days, what’s Tabata’s, FFXV Dev’s or Business Division 2’s excuse for not including a swim feature?


    The story is by far the BIGGEST disappointed in Final Fantasy XV. Why? Because it’s an RPG for God’s sake. Final Fantasies have always featured excellent, deep and mature story-telling in its predecessors, while Final Fantasy XV falls really short of it when compared to even linear action/adventure games. Hint: Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted series, The Witcher series.

    The Three Pillars of the story and why are they missing?
    Director Hajime Tabata said that there are 3 pillars to the story:
    1) Noctis’ relationship with his father – King Regis
    2) Noctis’ relationship with his childhood friend – Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (love her name BTW)
    3) Noctis’ relationship with his friends – Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus

    Noctis relationship with father wasn't explored at all. It would have been possible had we been able to play a child version of Noctis as flashbacks (by Platinum Demo's example I thought we would have a childhood playable flashback - like in Uncharted 4). Most people don't even know why Noctis acts the way he does, why his father is distant, where is his mother, (because most haven't watched Kingsglaive or Brotherhood anime - and they shouldn't have to because they're paying $60 for a AAA title.) We don't even see any picture of Noctis' mother in the citadel/Castle. Why can't we even explore Insomnia as young Noctis? Isn't that a part of his life? All of these are genuine questions.

    Similarly, I was expecting a playable version of Noctis (my expectations for playable Luna washed away when Tabata announced that only Noctis is playable, so I bet my hopes on child Noctis based on he platinum demo) that he'd be in Tenebrae and we'd see Tenebrae, child Ravus, Luna, Queen Sylvia and the life at Tenebrae through his eyes. People don't even know why Noctis was on a wheelchair during his childhood cutscenes with Luna. And all they talked about was Cosmogony, they're kids. They seriously have no other pass time? Like running playing in the beautiful garden of Tenebrae? Like Ravus, Noctis and Luna - all three playing together. Ravus is a teenager, does Noctis look upto Ravus as a big bro? You know, young boys are impressed by older boys. That would have explained Noctis anger on Ravus when he found out he's different than how he was when he met him.

    As much as I appreciate the Brotherly bond between Prompto, Ignis, Noctis and Gladio. At times it does sort of fails. Especially when Gladio fails to show some sensitivity to Noctis in times when Noctis needs empathy not a lecture. Like he lost his father, cut him some slack from being a little whiny, he lost his bride, BRIDE , cut him slack for the trauma he was going through (ever heard of too soon?). He lost his entire family. Promto, Ignis and Gladio are his friends, but Regis and Luna were meant to be Noctis' 'family' - there's a difference. Father and Wife are family, and believe it or not they are bonds meant to be closer and deeper than friendship in the end.

    Only 1 pillar – Noctis’s relationship with his friends: Prompto, Ignis, Gladiolus – was explored and the remaining 2 pillars were sidelined. Why? Seems like the writer doesn’t know how to make a protagonists relatable to the audience. When we look at our own real life we see that certain relationships always take priority over another in the following order:
    1) Parents
    2) Spouse/children (in some cultures Spouse/children are the priority)
    3) Friends

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that Tabata wanted to focus on the brotherhood between our 4 main characters but this obsession with the bromance fest ended up sidelining Noctis’ most important relationships that actually take priority over his brothers.

    Lack of Women representation:
    Final Fantasy XV’s cast does consist of female characters mainly; Lunafreya, Iris, Aranea, Gentiana and Cindy but it seriously undermines their roles by a HUGE margin. Final Fantasy XV also fails even the minimal “Bechdel Test” that requires that if a story has two or more female characters, they converse with each other about something other than the men in their lives.
    I’ll quote Hajime Tabata’s own words:

    “Speaking honestly, an all-male party feels almost more approachable for players. Even the presence of one female in the group will change their behaviour, so that they'll act differently. So to give the most natural feeling, to make them feel sincere and honest, having them all the same gender made sense in that way”

    I don’t know, but Director Hajime Tabata are you living in the Dark ages? Or are you just simply have a cave man mentality? Because we live in a time where we have Co-education in schools, universities and co-workplaces. We have mixed friends groups, mixed travel groups and mixed project teams. Boys and Girls travel together all the time, and I see no reason why there can’t be any permanent female party members in the plot of Final Fantasy XV. Are you implying that boys always flex muscles when around girls or can’t be emotional? Because women can be as good as friends with guys as their guy friends. Afterall, Director Hajime Tabata, your main protagonist Noctis’ opens about his inner feelings more with his childhood female friend Lunafreya than his guy friends. What led you to include a contradiction to that in your plot for FFXV? Because as far as I know women like road trips, greasy food, camping in the wilderness, sitting by the campfire under the moonlit sky, talk about their feelings and selfies too you know.

    The portrayal of female characters in Final Fantasy XV is so clichéd that I can honestly project onto these women some clichéd negative tropes for women in video games:

    Lunafreya – Woman in Refrigerator:
    A woman in refrigerator is one whose basic role to the entire plot is just to serve as a device to induce ‘man pain’. That means Lunafreya’s only role is to die and sacrifice herself so she can serve as a device to drive Noctis’ angst against killing Ardyn – the main villain. Her role doesn’t grow anywhere from here. She has no life of her own, no personality growth of her own, no ambition of her own, poor girl doesn’t even get to have friends of her own.

    Iris – Mamic Pixie Dream girl:
    The ever optimistic, chirpy, generic, anime girl character. We are only told that she’s a badass demon hunter but the game fails badly at trying to develop Iris’ personality growth in the 10 year time skip.

    Aranea – Sinister Seductress:
    A sinister seductress is a role written for female villain/boss character that’s both evil and seductive. Aranea’s armor is very impractical knowing what her work is. She can easily take a hit at her apparent cleavage and get fatally injured. But this doesn’t have to make any sense right?

    Cindy – created for Male Gaze, just an Eye-candy:
    Cindy should have been the titular ‘Cid‘ of Final Fantasy XV, but this job was relegated to her grandfather Cid because women can’t seriously be an actual mechanic and have some relevance to the narrative right? As the titular mechanic of Final Fantasy XV, Cindy would have had more importance to the plot and at the same her role and character can be developed exponentially.

    Lunafreya, Iris, Aranea and Cindy could easily have been added to the plot as permanent party members and nothing would’ve changed the dynamic between the male cast. Infact the relationships between Noctis and Lunafreya, Prompto and Cindy could have been explored in-depth had the female characters been added as permanent party members. In addition to this female characters’ relationship with themselves would have been explored. Previous Final Fantasies have been able to include mixed groups but why can’t Final Fantasy XV?

    Fabula Nova Crystallis (FNC) mythology and a ‘clichéd generic tragedy’:
    When Square Enix decided to make Final Fantasy Verses XIII into Final Fantasy XV, it was supposed to break away from the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology and have a change in the story. But Director Hajime Tabata’s recent public message has stated that infact Final Fantasy XV always had the plot points from the Fabula Nova Mythos but it was just marketed to the public otherwise, so that more new comers will play buy and play the game. This is clear deception on part of Square Enix, Director Hajime Tabata and FFXV Devs.

    Using the Fabula Nova mythos gave the the plot of Final Fantasy XV a terrible cancer that can be called a ‘generic’ clichéd tragedy. It’s nothing more than regurgitation Hamlet meets Greek/Norse mythology and the plot has taken everything from the Greek and Norse mythologies so much that we draw actual parallels between the characters and the people in the mythologies. Hint: Lunafreya being the goddess Selene and Noctis being her mythological lover. Tabata, we don’t want gods and goddesses as human in the story. We just want simple humans that we relate to. Final Fantasy Xv’s characters are so one-dimensional that they aren’t relatable anymore especially the heroine Lunafreya.

    The direction that the plot took from Chapter 9, went so much downhill that it leaves the player feeling depressed and somewhat miserable and heart-broken. Tell me Director Tabata was this the feeling you wanted to give to the players when you were conceiving this story? Because certainly FFXV was marketed as an epic tale of Ultimate fantasy experience. Such ‘epic tales’ always have a message of hope and courage where Characters fight their fates. Can't you write stories ever were the protagonists actually get to live for once?

    The story is much shorter than 50+ hours - which was originally promised:
    Also the story is insanely shorter than what Hajime Tabata initially promised it to be. View the following article from Gamespot:

    It clearly says that the story campaign mode will be ATLEAST 40 hours. And from what we got, it’s was barely 10 hours worth of story campaign. This is a clear deception on part of FFXV Devs. Had the story been 40-50 hours long, enough justice would’ve been done to the character development of the entire cast of Final Fantasy XV.

    Which brings me to another point. Why do we have only Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus ONLY as the main cast? While King Regis, Lunafreya are sidelined to the ‘supporting cast’ when it’s clearly implied that they have a bigger role and importance to the narrative, to Noctis and to the fate of the world. While Promto, Ignis and Gladiolus are only presented as baby-sitters – excuse me - Body guards to Noctis and are supporting Noctis only. That means that Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus are infact the supporting cast whil King Regis and Lunafreya tend to have roles that are befitting of the main cast. Lunafreya especially was advertised to be the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy XV who’s the secondary main character after Noctis Lucis Caelum himself. And she was sidelined to only 15 minutes worth of screen time and that too were either flashbacks of her childhood or just one cutscene where she was bound to sacrifice her life and was refrigerated by the writer.

    The story feels like it has been written by a 10-year old, or a really immature middle aged man who doesn’t know how to write proper development for female characters. Also, the writer doesn’t know how to manage time and interactions between characters. It lacks creativity and novelty to a point where I am forced to quote a parody video by College Humor called “Every JRPG Ever” that has so much resemblance to the entire plot of FFXV – and this video was released in 2015. Seriously that’s like 90% of FFXV’s plot. Check out the video below:

    Also there is so much featured in the map and none of those areas are explorable or even slightly accessible. And it’s an open-world game to speak of. Nifleheim, Accordo, Lucis, Glacia. Solheim is mentioned in the Ultimate Guide books and that place that is has so much importance to the history of Eos, Ardyn, Gentiana, Noctis’ ancestors but isn’t even mentioned on the map. Why?

    This brings me to my discussion on individual characters in Final Fantasy XV.


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    My Review for Final Fantasy XV (Continued)


    Noctis Lucis Caelum
    Noctis’ seems to be lacking what essentially a protagonist should have in the first place – the will/ drive to action. He’s not a man of action. He’s lost his father, he’s lost his home, he’s lost his people to become refugees, he’s lost Jared who had helped him in Lestellum, he’s losing Luna while her health is declining in her pursuit to aid Noctis. But Noctis’ still doesn’t seem to get motivated or driven to take any action. Why? This is by far the biggest fact that’s lacking in Noctis’ character development. And by the time we see some motivation to act in him, it’s in the 11th hour when the game is simply rushed to finish. My question is why didn’t Noctis choose to question Bahamut/ Stars in the first place? Why does Noctis’ not take any major decision himself and instead all of that is relegated to Ignis. (Is Ignis the protagonist of this game? No. it’s Noctis Lucis Caelum). Even his relationship with his father, Lunafreya, Ravus, Ardyn and the Nifleheim empire isn’t explored at all. We don’t know how he truly feels about Ardyn’s ancestory, or Ravus’ joining the empire, or Lunafreya’s sickness (since they never communicated), or about Ieodolas, About Verstael, About Loqi, about Caligo? Does he even know that Caligo is the one who initiated abuse on Luna during her captivity? No he doesn’t, even I the player doesn’t even know who it was since it was never even explored but somehow managed to get advertised to us.

    We don’t even know how Noctis’ would react to Lunafreya, or how he would react to listening to the events of King Regis’ death. We will never know why Noctis is the way he is in the first place. Or why is he aloof to his father? Why is he pampered and sheltered? Why doesn’t he take any responsibility ever? We don’t even get to see his development in the form that he starts taking responsibility, he starts exploring the world on his own, he starts seeking answers to various questions that the plot throws at the player.

    Lunafreya Nox Fleuret:
    Apparently she’s the heroine of Final Fantasy XV. But did I get that feeling at all? Nope. Not at all. She’s barely shown for 15 minutes worth of screen time and that too only in randomly generated flashbacks and one cutscene after which she sacrifices herself to aid Noctis’. Now FFXV Devs, I have a very simple question from you guys. Why do you write such female protagonists? Why must a woman always die to put the hero into action or give the hero angst so he could fight against the villain who killed her? Why couldn’t Noctis and Luna actually explore a different way to save the world. Why must Noctis and Luna not choose to live for themselves instead of sacrificing themselves for the sake of a covenant their ancestors made 2000 year ago?!

    Lunafreya has suffered abuse as a Prisoner of War in her childhood. She’s been victimized enough by the Nifleheim empire. By writing her death, you guys actually victimized her even more. Instead why couldn’t you guys actually write about a strong heroine that grows up and learns from her inability to escape from her captivity and instead starts taking things and situations into her own hands. Lunafreya could actually stand upto her aggressors and fight back. That way she’d be a strong heroine that you guys actually advertised her to be and she’d be a ‘fighter’ and ‘survivor’. You know Lunafreya has the potential to 'survive against all odds'. You know Amy Shield, Lunafreya’s English Voice actress said once in the convention in Anaheim, California, U.S. that fans came to her crying about how they could relate to Lunafreya. By killing Luna you guys actually let down all of her fans who relate to her childhood struggles against abuse and captivity.

    Going through an abusive childhood already made her a victim, killing her as a plot device would solidify her image as a victim. Instead a powerful message could be given to players who could relate to her would be that she 'survives against all odds' and can live her life as normally and as willfully as any ordinary woman. She had the desire to live, to live happily and normally but through an ending that would see Noctis and Luna survive, void of their duties, and just living as commoner folks, she would've believed she had the right to live happily and normally as well.

    Instead, the writers just wrote her as the generic, optimistic, purist, self-sacrificing heroine that’s all too common in Japanese animes. Her only goal in life is to ‘meet Noctis’ expectations?’ Seriously that‘s how you write strong, independent women? Throughout her cutcenes she was either teaching Noctis’ about Cosmogony as a child or simply yearning for Noctis. What happened to living life for your own sake? FFXV Devs failed to give Lunafreya a personality of her own, ambitions of her, where she would want to travel the world and discover the many flavours it offers. FFXV Devs also failed to provide Lunafreya with female friendships. Which are necessary for women to have. Women like road trips, greasy food and selfies too you know. It would have been nice to see Luna travel as a party member and get to be friends with Promtpo, Ignis, Gladiolus, Iris, Aranea, Cindy, Cid and Cor. She needs friendships too in her life, she need a life besides fulfilling her duties to ‘Noctis-sama’ (jeez that Japanese dialogues is cringe-worthy).

    Lunafreya, like most heroines was used as the tissue paper. She was used by the writer and then thrown away. She was only present to serve as a plot device to give Noctis a reason to fight the villain. That trope is called “Refrigerated” where women are only present in a plot – not to live as individual human beings – but only to serve as a device to be killed later to give the main hero a reason to fight against the villain. Lunafreya got refrigerated. That’s how I put it.

    King Regis:
    King Regis is Noctis’ father and he’s the most important to the plot after Noctis and Lunafreya themselves. And still he was given even more less time than 15 minutes of Lunafreya’s screen time. Why? He’s the father ‘the father’ f the protagonists that plotted against the Nifleheim empire apparently (according to Cid, Regis never mentioned any of the plot himself). But his motives, his desires, he ambitions for Noctis and Luna are not even shown and never been communicated with Noctis or/Luna. There are so many answered questions regarding King Regis. Did he know who Ardyn was? Did he know his own ancestor’s backstory? Did he know how to the world was created? Who was his wife? Who was Noctis’ mother? Why don’t we see any photographs of him with his wife? Why aren’t there any photographs of Queen Aulea in the citadel/castle?

    Queen Aulea?
    Sadly the mother of the protagonist of the story Noctis didn’t even get her separate mention or portrait in-game.

    Ravus Nox Flueret
    He’s important to the plot since he’s the brother of the deuteragonist Lunafreya. Ravus was one of the first children Noctis met in his childhood yet his relationship with Noctis isn’t even explored. His relationship with regards to Lunafreya isn’t even fully explored. Even Ravus’ captivity isn’t even explored. He was a Prisoner of War alongside Lunafreya too, so was he abused too just like his sister? When and how did he become a puppet of the Nifleheim empire? How did the empire brainwash him? What doos he currently feel about the Nifleheim empire? So many answered questions.

    Ardyn Izunia/Lucis Caelum
    He’s the main villain yet his backstory isn’t even explored that drives his motivation to kill Noctis and end his bloodline. What’s Ardyn’s relationship with Izunia? What Ardyn’s relationship with Gentiana? What happened to Ardyn 2000 years ago? What kind of a place was Solheim? What kind of a person and king was Ardyn 2000 years ago? When did he forge the covenant with the Bahamut/crystal? Why did he? When did he forge a covenant with Ifrit? Why did he? So many unanswered questions.

    Who is Gentiana and what’s her relationship with Ardyn Izunia? How did she meet the Luna’s mother? How did she become the caregiver for Luna? Where was Gentiana when Tenebrae was attacked? Where was Gentiana when Luna was being killed by Ardyn? Again, so many answered questions.

    Pryna and Umbra:
    Those dogs deserve a separate mention of their own. Who are these two dogs? Who they belong to? How can they travel faster than Noctis when delivering the diary to Luna? What happens to Pryna? Where is Umbra in those 10 years? How does Umbra know Noctis is in Angelgard? Are these dogs super-natural? Why can the dogs travel back in time? If they can travel back in time then certainly they can reverse the space and time and bring everything back to normal.

    He’s apparently an Magitek and his father is Verstael? Okay why is this news being given to me though a gaming news outlet and why not through the game story itself? He’s a one dimensional character at best, and when the only time he actually shows some personality is when he discovers he’s a magitek and then that plot point is brushed aside so the game ending could be rushed through. Also he seems most eager to meet Lunafreya yet he never gets to. It would have been nice to see Lunafreya hanging out with Noctis’ friends and having selfies with them.

    He’s the one dimensional and by far the most annoying among the group. Why is he pushing Noctis’ to fulfill his duties – aka to his death – all the time? Like cut some slack for Noctis Dude. He just lost his father, his wife-to be. Gladiolus has some really annoying moments in the game.

    Iris is apparently demon-hunter in the future and we’re never shown that. Though her DLC is announced we have yet to see what aspect of her personality will be explored.

    She’s a mechanic, but at most her only role is to be an eye-candy for the players. Can’t you guys even give Cindy a personality too? She seems to have had a difficult childhood, but where her backstory? Couldn’t she narrate her backstory herself? We never get to see how she views the world and herself. This is why she doesn’t stand up to be more than an eye-candy. You it would’ve been good to see Cindy actually hijack a whole Nifleheim airship and customize it. That way a bigger party could travel together along with the Regalia within the airship. That would’ve expanded Cindy’s character even more and given her importance to the narrative that’s otherwise non-existent.

    Cor is immortal. And yet none of the boys who hear that seems to question him on this. What’s Cor’s backstory? Why does he know all of the things? How long has he been around on the Eos? Again so many answered questions.
    Overall the game is lacking in character development on a HUGE scale. And important plot points are left answered. It feels like not the only the game is rushed and unfinished at this point. It’s like there is not a single cohesive story even present to begin with. It looks like a couple of ideas were put together just to get the game out before 2016 ended.

    1) I won’t recommend this game to anyone until it’s actually completed and finished properly
    2) This game shows female characters but their growth and importance/relevance to the narrative is severely lacking
    3) I am never buying again from Square Enix knowing they deceived by selling me an unfinished game. I will tread carefully in the future
    4) Final Fantasy XV has gone back to the dark ages regarding female character portrayal. I doubt Final Fantasy can ever have mature deep story to a female character in the future.

    Suggestions to Director Hajime Tabata and FFXV Devs:
    1) Please add the lacking Combat and Gameplay features: Climbing, rope/grapple, swimming, entire map explorable and accessible including Solheim, Interactive and Scripted battle sequences, more warp strike points, ability to warp during exploration.

    2) Please add the option to explore and hunt alone and leave your party to the camp sometimes.

    3) FFXV Devs clearly have to re-write it from the beginning to the end, since this game is already a rush job, the plot is not cohesive at all. It’s not lacking a couple cutscenes, it’s lacking the entire plot.

    4) Add permanent female party members to the cast, addition of female characters need not change the behavior of men (what kind of Cave man thinking is this anyway?) Women like road trips, greasy food, camping and selfies too you know. Hint: Add Lunafreya to the party permanently.

    5) Please make Lunafreya, and other characters playable in their own stories told through the character’s own perspective.

    6) Re-write Lunafreya’s character to accurately portray her abuse and then make her take charge of her own life and make her have ambitions of her own, instead of showing that her only goal in life is to meet Noctis’ expectations/objective. Show Lunafreya wanting to make friends in her life, travel, get to know Noctis’ deeply.

    7) Please write a proper closure to Final Fantasy XV. Director Hajime Tabata announcing that the ending is open to interpretation is actually a message that communicates “we are not competent enough to give a proper closure to a story”

    8) We already have a tragic ending, give us an alternative route from Altissia (Chapter 9) onwards where we get to see Noctis and Luna not only interact but also get to survive the outcome as well

    9) Write another happy ending to the story. There is enough demand for it, and there are good and unique suggestions to how to write it as well.

    10) Make Noctis and Luna explore their own lives as well, only as Noctis and Luna not as an Oracle or/and a King of Lucis. That will give more depth to the story and their characters.

    11) You have tracks named “Sunset Waltz” and “Starlit Waltz” yet we don’t see an actual Waltz between Noctis and Luna or anyone for that matter? Add a Walts after properly writing and making CGI scenes for a proper wedding of Noctis and Luna.

    12) Please give us a proper wedding for Noctis and Luna. The one you showed felt like a small (and cheap) consolation for the pathetic tragic end that FFXV Devs wrote. Please show us Noctis and Luna kids since that’s a way to show character growth in ending in far future. Shows how far our protagonists have come from their struggles.

    13) Noctis and Luna didn’t get to have proper families in their childhoods, it’s cruel for killing them in the plot too. Let them live as only Noctis and Luna.

    14) Please give us the 3 pillars of the story that Director Hajime Tabata promised were relevant to the plot of Final Fantasy XV

    15) Please give us the 40-50 hour worth of story campaign mode that was promised by Hajime Tabata in addition to the 100+ hours of short- story based side quests (learn from the Witcher 3)

    16) Create a darker story around the themes of Wars, war orphans, Prisoner of wars, loss of parents, abuse of Prisoners of war (Luna and Ravus and Tenebrae citizens), Political manipulation, greed for power, corruption from power.

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    Checkout some new Luna and Noctis Official artwork!

    Another one:

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    Hola escribo porque me gusta final fantasy sobre todo si es mundo abierto y en tiempo real, bueno yo escribo para explicar lo que falta en mi opinión más invocaciones que me gustano mucho aparte lo de no poder entrarealizar en las casa que me gustaba mucho por chafar también me gustar*a más ciudades y más grandes y por último que no se pueda nadar ser*a una Pasada me gustan los juegos largos y ejemplo final fantasy 8 me encantó también más magias no irán mála bueno es mi opinión gracias por todo

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    roommate trying to do the Pitous runes, crashed car 5 times, I tried crashed car 3 times. Gave up. The flying car controls are the worst I have even seen,

    You cannot see where your flying only the back of the car. When you can finally go down it never come sup with (X) land except when your on a hill or rocks.

    Speeds up going down instead of going slow. to slow for control responses.

    Seriously worst even control.

    I help her out with two dungeon they are just not fun. Only way to kill Slime blobs or what ever they are called, is wait for L1 bar to get fully charged and have ignis run to a lone monsters, never next to group he is and kill one, and wait again about 10 minutes. and about 30 or so of these to kill, room after room, no fun at all.

    So save in 4-6 hour dungeons.

    and you cannot not even climb simple wall or rocks.

    I will not be playing this game.

    I loved the demo but the whole game is not well thought out.

    All she does mostly in combat is dish out potions. And when Noctis is a frog or frozen or whatever, every one just dies, since there to stupid to take a potion.

    No camera control at all in combat.

    Your three buddings instead of killing one monster will only wound it and then go attack another one. So all the monsters are reduce in hit points evenly.

    And lots of more problems....

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    yes here i`m right.

    The only good u can say about FF15 is, it has a good graphic. But thats part aof the problem.
    And Pitioss.

    Long looong loooooong times of waiting in front of loading screens. Or waiting while sitting in a car. The most interessting thing is running for hours or riding a chokobo loooong ways to fight a mob.

    The story is a joke. Short, linear, boring.

    The Charakters are boring and useless. They dont fight, dont search, dont give a heal. Standing next to Ignis with "Leitfaden des Großmarschals" on, he just tells me "oh, Noct needs help" but dont do anything. The fighting couldnt be the reason, he just dont fights.
    For example the best way to get the "...-V2" is: dont care for the others. Let them die, take care of the right arm and when its down u can think about bringing them back to life. Just that the machine has an other target (LOL u can hope). But its not necessary. All the damage they can do is 2-3 hits more from u. And u need less potions.
    The only thing they are good for is: standing in the way. And they like those small parts like doors and so.
    And yes, its good leting them talk a bit. But in this game its to much. Enter a dungeon they start a dialouge, make two steps they start the next and two steps more the third.... And its not necessary that every sit on or hop off an chokobo or car to bring one of the 4-5 sentences they have. The Joy of hearing the same and the same an the same a tenthousend times, is to much.

    The not so bad is fishing. It stands for this game. U need a lot passion.
    And the photographing could be nice. But Prompto likes butts. Every second photo. (I think, thats the reason why there are no femal party members, because a hetero could find a femal butt more interesting, and thats baad lol (but i´m forced to see the male ones, stupid sexism the other way).
    Rememberig FF10? "it`s not just ur story...". i would like some photos of the landscape. it`s good with morning, day, evening and night (the stars are great and of course Prompto cant make photos in the night - ey its a game), with rain and storm - good graphic. Or photos of the monsters in action. But u cant make Promto taking photos without the carakters. Especally in fights he only makes selfies nobody needs. So that u of course cant see the mobs.

    Its the same since FF11 - it could be good.

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    Where can i talk about problems?

    There was a hidden Talking in Taelper between Promto and Noctibert. With the right answers the photofilter "Selfie" was upgraded?? (was named) to "Promto". Since the latest update I cant take it off. Please fix it. The Talking seems to be gone.

    thanks. it works again
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    Nice time-trials

    U dont allow gods but the god-modus?

    And why those permanent info windows every time and so splitted ? yes/no

    Please fix that buggy mobs in the houre-trial. Dont know how many trials i missed cause those mobs werent there or just dissapear when i come close.
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    FFXV BUG Glitch

    Game : FFXV
    Console: Xbox One
    Digital or Disk: Digital
    Bug Summary: Gil Missing
    Bug Description: Gil completely disappears for no reason when loading save game. Chapter 3
    Fix: No way to fix it
    Date: May 25 (immediately following latest patch

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    I think you don't understand the controls because everything you complained about appears to be false. The car drives itself when you just hold right trigger down you dont steer unless you are turning. the camera can move while in combat with the left or right stick, you can jump on rocks using your character or a choco, you can decided which enemy your NPC attack with red button. you press one of the bumpers to change car perspectives while driving. Monsters have different weaknesses and your main character can equip every weapon so you shouldn't have to send NPC after a single monster type ever. This game has a lot of non typical controls and its definitely made for experienced gamers. The learning curve is a bit steeper then other games but those are personal issues not really game issues

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    da fighting

    its ok.
    Some things arent realy working.
    The breaking-modus is a fine thing, but why no 360° free camera when i can fix the target i want? Its often so, that there is a break and i cant change the target or do anything else. Even using a pot or changing the weapon is not possible. Only attak (and get demage or die) or defend, Just the normal battle-things. So its useless at that moment. I have do go a step and wait since the break is again and then im allowed to change the target. There should be only a break when i can use my equip and menues, change target or decide better attak or defend is possible.

    The Comandos often need to much time. For example when Ignis makes its "All on One" Promto and Gladio die very often even with full life. Thats just too long. Its a fight. There is no need for posing too much.
    Same with the time after getting hit by the own magic. In the time they need to get up I hit the mob 4 times, jump arround and make a combo. And the Charakter is still on the ground. Like that.
    Or Promto (and all others too) somtimes just dont want to work. His Heavy-Weapon-Black-Hole-Comando-Attak-Thing (dont know the english name) isnt there. I give the Comando, he dances arround a little without his weapon and - nothing. And the 2 Comando-lines are gone. (anaolg the others) Hey if i cant trust that one in a fight I would like to fire him. Noctibert.

    It needs to much time after a Comando till i can use the menues, change weapons or targets or do somthing. Anybody makes a Comando - Noctibert is just standing and doing nothing (wasted time for me). The Comando is done - Noctibert still standing. Then it needs more time i can move and then it needs more time im allowed to attak and then it needs more time till im allowed to change a weapon or use a pot. After standing and waiting more standing and waiting and not even changing weapon or using a pot?

    Changing the Target could sometimes be a fight against the computer. I turn arround, press target-button and attak. The computer turns me round again and attaks the former target or just an other target. I turn arround again, make a step, press target-button and attak. The computer turns me round again and attaks the former target or just an other target. That game could take a little. I have to do an other thing like only running arround, defend, take a pot or so to break that and finaly im allowed to fix the target i want.
    It could be hard to stay at one target when there is a big mob with many possible targets. There should be the possibility to say Noct "Ignore EVERY other target and only concentrat on the ONE target." Better would be: press aim-button + cross up -- target 1 ( first time - save -- second time - do it), aim-button + cross left -- target 2, .... So i got four targets marked and can change the way I want. Only for this battle or save settings for next same mob. Something like that.

    I would like to have the enemys abilitys.
    Their analytik-abylitiy must be much better then mine. They know the cooldown-time of my magic, knowing when i get the magic equiped (ok could be seen (the little flask in the chaos of an battle - every time. Respekt to the mobs - all.)), they know when i prepare to use a pot, they know when i even spot them in the breaking-modus. The highlight is when they react in the same time i press my button. Its funny. Could see it agains the king-behemoth. Start the comando with Ignis "All on One" and the behemoth will sometimes BREAK every action he is doing to start his conter-moving. And thats the thing i would give half of my equip for. Every mob is able to break every action it is doing. In the middle of the air while jumping when it has to be. Every moving every attak every spezial. Why? I work for my chance to hit and always have to have luck?

    A little posing is fine but its still a fight. There isnt too much time, or ur dead.
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    If i had a wish lol, just thoughts.

    The group:
    U want be like an RPG? Why not let the NPCs act better. It should be possible to stand on the side and let them fight alone. If I do that to often they be frustraded and wont fight either. "Oh, didnt saw that mob. Ups. That scrach is just for u." said Gladio. But if its hard on hard everybody does its job. Other way is, when i often helped them, they would stand in the way of the mob and catches it with the hands or do some inteligents things , i didnt thought at that moment. "Now the Back is open for a combo" said Ignis. Doesnt have to work everytime, but thanks for the try - U know.There are ways, i think.
    Or give me the ability to equip the NPCs with potions. Handling with a weapon couldnt be more easy than taking a potion. 3 slots for, 2.survive, 3.death. Let me say them: think of 1. when life is 30% latest point 10%, Take 2. when grey is 40% latest 20%. Come on 3. dont sleep. Or something like that. I dont have to equip everyone. So take care of ( i would like to spezial, cause there are tactics u need low life) Gladio yes/no, ignis yes7no, Promto yes/no, Noct yes/no. a little menue where i can spezial their actions. more defens - more attak. more forward - more in the back. Something like that.
    "Yeeaah, da king did da goood job" -or- "Those blue Eye in my face ... U should better think befor sending us in a battle. ... u king u" said promto.

    Like the Chokobo-Karneval. An extra map where I can rent a shop for a little fee gil. Selling every item (must be possible) of my inventory in the game. Like Chokobo-Karneval. First log in - Marked 1. . So from now only Marked. In game new Savegame Marked2. , Marked 3., ... . Last log in for example Marked 555. So only Marked 555. or higher. Or something like that, dont know.
    Easy Rules for the owners of a shop:
    1. All things u can buy in the game (normal NPC price)
    buy from ather gamers: minimum price of NPC. (so every gamer could be sure she/he gets an normal NPC price) maximum. open end.
    sell to the gamers: no less than an NPC would bye it (so the sellers dont need to compare everything) maximum open end.
    2. All things u cant buy in the game (flasks, magic, Cids Weapons,...(Karneval-Tickets )
    same as up 1. like that. Its always a comunity-thing if it works or not. So comunity do ur best.
    I would like to staff my shop with SOME of the things i want to sell and giving informations, what i buy. And need a list of EVERYthing i want to sell for EVERYbody to be seen. ANd an other list of things i want to buy. Like that. It has to run alone (cause beeing off and so on) So i bring my things there (THERE got to be a way for endless or Minimum 9999) , staff it and do a little administration. OR i play the seller. Running arround, Talking to Gamers. Playing Prince Noctis as boss of "KING NOCTIS NEEDFUL THINGS" Perhaps u could light up this map with ur ideas. That Foto-trial at the Chokobo-Karneval was fun. Or the drunken Kenny. Fine.

    A little Restaurant second floor of the shop. Menue of about 15-20 meals available. Price minimum 20% less than NPC Maximum 20% more than NPC. Things only Ignis is cooking there got to be prices from the makers of the game. Perhaps exeptions for rare meals like Taiman or so.
    So i bring my things there (THERE got to be a way for endless or Minimum 9999) , staff it and do a little administration. OR i play the Cook. Running arround, Talking to Gamers. Playing Cook Ignis as boss of "IGNIS FINEST MEALS" Mini-quest "Cooking with Ignis" perhaps?

    In the backyard a smal arena. "STAND AGAINST GLADIO" my best equip i can staff him and let the computer fight against gamers. Or hidden Im fighting myself . Perhaps with Moduses like only Promto or Ignis or Gladio or Noct or Teams 2vs2 3vs3 2vs3 1vs4 Computer or gamer. But when fighting the Shop or the Restaurant is closed. And bet like Tomtoroso-Arena. Could have Event-Charakter.

    Last but not least. 3 floor for the best light. "PROMTOS GALERIE" Please give me the abiltity to collect the Photos in a smal extra programm where I can sort them. I would like to bring the taken photos "save" and have place for new ones. In "PROMTOS GALERIE" I need place for some Photos and possibilitys to arrange them and perhaps format them a little. Bigger Smaller, a cross to mark something, brighter,darker, just a few things. perhaps there is a way to sell Photos like art?

    Just thoughts...
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    I am not surprised. I've joined this forum after long long searching for some still active communities. All the spamers destroyed the idea of sharing ideas and thoughts about sth online.

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    Okay, I played this game for a few hours, and still don't know what to think about it. I may be in minority here, but I enjoy the main storyline of FF XIII( only the original FF XIII), and for now the main story of XV seems to me rather...chidlish or something like that.

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    I order the final fantasy xv games
    About what I would like you to include
    To start what they put in the survey would be good all that and for my more things like for example more cities I would like the palace with people ect
    I mean the palace of lucis or also more cities towns

    Because the truth all the towns are the same and they do not have much canvio after that of not getting in the houses ect ll an removed and that I loved to hn be just for chafardear and another one of diving or swimming as you please well it is my opinion but Since we spent what is worth also we want something more complete and good the characters little explained and the story I hope to be heard thanks

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