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Thread: Study on Life is Strange

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    Study on Life is Strange

    Hello everybody,

    I’d like to have a conversation with a few people who played Dontnod’s “Life is Strange”. I’m primarily interested in the experiences you had with the game and if any specific aspects of the game stuck with you afterwards.

    It doesn’t matter whether you liked or disliked the game, or if you are undecided on its overall quality. But you should have finished the game, or at least played through a substantial part of it.

    Ultimately, I hope to get a better understanding of what makes and breaks a game like Dontnod's “Life is Strange” in your view. Findings will be published, so you’d be actively helping towards a better academic understanding of games and, by extension, help game designers to get better at delivering the kind of experiences you want.

    If you consider participating, please contact me through:

    We would later set up an interview with you. Depending on your preferences this can be done by chat or Skype -- or, if you live near Stuttgart (Germany), in person.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    (Since this is part of an unfunded student project, there won’t be any monetary compensation, instead you’ll have just the warm fuzzy feeling of being helpful. And cookies, if you visit me in person at Stuttgart Media University.)

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