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Username - Questions, Help and Discussions

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    anyway my name is super strife because cloud is powerful and he's a hero. he's been through rough patches. but he's always manage to make it through with the help of his friends. and his heart. he's always there to help his friends when needed and also protect them. he's a really cool guy ^_^

    so.... i try to do the same...

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    A name I heard on a TV show once. I liked the way it sounded and nobody else had it so I kinda made it my own.

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    "Heaven made men for a reason.

    Men respect men for their own sake."

    - Guilty Gear 2 Overture

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    My tag name "Sam S. Enix" has different meanings and reasons ^_^

    Sam = Stand for: My true name, Sun and Moon, Secret and Mystic, Square Enix's Anime and Manga (I'm all about those things).

    S. = Stand for: Sony, Square Soft and most of the Japanese cities are with letter S (Sapporo-Saitama-Sendai-Sakai-Sagamihara-Shizuoka).

    S. Enix = Stand for: Square Enix and if you count the letters, they're are 5 (My favorite lucky number).

    Enix = Stand for: Enix, it headquarters was only in Japan since 1975 (My beloved country).

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    To be honest I was sort of lazy with this username. It's the same username that I use for the bulk of the forums that I post on. Simply a hybrid of my name and Squall from Final Fantasy VIII.

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    well for one Shelke is my favorite person from Dirge of Cerberus final fantasy VII. as for Neko nickname from my friend whenever im drawing it always Neko or anime character. n-n

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    I actually got Amberfire from a book series and I really liked the name so I used it, and I just got the 430 out of a hat because it flowed together and thats how my username was born ^_^

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    Pun on Cuttlefish.

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    A name I came up with long ago, it was a variant of a name from the name randomizer on the game "AD&D: Slayer" for the 3DO. I've kept with it ever since.

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    Concerning User/Nicknames

    I'm not trying to change my profile name, just update the rest of the "edit profile" section. Yet I keep getting this (Sorry but the display name you chose is reserved. Please try another.) response. This is already my existing profile name and I don't want to change it, what should I do?

    Update: Nevermind, I just made a change to my name and it worked fine.

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    What fields are you trying to update?

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    Mine is a name I associate with personaly(as in a reflection of the real me), Syn is used as a prefix occurring in loanwords from Greek, having the same function as co-( synthesis; synoptic ); and is used, with the meaning“with,” “together,” in the formation of compound words (synsepalous ) or “synthetic”. Basically its sort of a term that is used to mean that more than one thing co-exists with the other in perfect harmony,(darkness and light e.t.c), and am bi-racial so I found myself drawn to it. I also like the fact that it can be pronounced as "Sin", I can be really contraversial and so its just one more reason I chose that as my online title.

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    I used to watch all these illusionists on TV when I was a kid, and I thought they were pretty cool (even the do-at-home illusions worked! it was amazing ). And the name sounded cool when I said it out loud xD

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    Not a single interesting new name in seven months, eh? ^_-

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    Fine, I'll cave. xD

    I've had a few internet names, but after a while I just preferred to include my name in my online titles since it's generic enough to use.

    That and when people ask who I am, I like responding with "I'm that dude." /puts on sunglasses

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    'Drop in a few more details to complete your account'

    Hello. Every time I log on I get that message. It is always asking me to add a nickname. I always have to change it because if I add my current nick name it says that it's in use. it's really frustrating and would appreciate if it was looked into thanks!

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    Changing Account ID

    You should be able to change your account ID. I've made the mistake that I thought it would be my in-game name.

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    Log-in errors

    I've just registered with the nikname you see. curiously the email confirming my registration added a "1" to my nikname
    now I can only login using "Balthierone1" instead of Balthierone, as I registered myself.
    How can I fix it? I want to use the nikname without numbers to make it easier.

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    good day .... I state that I do not know English so I apologize in advance for having the wrong place to put my message (I'm using google translator) I have a problem that is making me nervous .... I can not play because I can not enter .... puts me in the nick automatic put the pass .... but it keeps telling me that is not right .... I do not know qunte times I've redone but nothing .... I switched from ps3 to ps4 and since then I do not know what to do get help help help ..... how do I create a new one, and finally to play?

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    Our customer support is currently experiencing some issues, but try contacting them nonetheless.

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