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Thread: Short Guide: How to make a story map

Short Guide: How to make a story map

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    Short Guide: How to make a story map

    step 1: choose ''Advanced mode''.

    step 2: MAKE YOUR MAP, make sure you have a map where you have to walk from the one side to the other, not an wide-open multiplayer map, also let some memory space free.

    step 3: PLACE THE GUARDS: hit ''Start'' and then ''Map settings'', set bot set on custom ans hit the action button.
    Now chosse the guards you want to use.
    Now select ''Story enemies'' after you've left the start menu.
    select enemy 1, you can change his name, gun and TYPE:
    ''Stationary'' and ''Patrol'' are easy to do, but ''Spawn and Attack'' and ''Spawn and Wait'' are more difficult.
    -maximum is the number of how many times THAT SINGLE enemy has to spawn.
    -frequency is the time it takes to get the enemy spawning again.
    do this with some more enemies too, and place them where you want them.

    step 4: you have to MAKE SOME MISSION OBJECTIVES, write some objectives down that seem fun to you.

    step 5: TRIGGERS, you now have to make your first mission objective.
    quistion yourself: what has to be done to complete objective A?
    for example: you have to kill enemy 1:
    -select ''Game Logic''
    -select ''Add new logic''
    -select ''New trogger''
    -select the thing that has to be picked up (object/pickup), that has to be reached (location), or that has to be killed (enemy).
    for the example we choose ''enemy''.
    -select ''Enemy 1''
    -select ''Enemy 1 killed''
    -hit the action button

    now you added the TRIGGER

    step 6: ACTIONS, now you have to say to the game that when enemy one is killed, objective A is complete.
    -continue from the last step of step 5.
    -make sure that only at ''Enemy 1 killed'' are two white dots at the left and right side.
    -select ''Done''
    -select ''New Action''
    -now select wat has to happen when enemy one is killed, let a new OBJECT appear, let a TIMER start, let something happen to an ENEMY (this depends on how the enemy is altered, you can let an enemy spawn, or you can let an enemy be killed for example), start an COUNTER, complete or fail an OBJECTIVE, set a SCORE, or let one or more KEYS appear.
    for the example we choose ''Objective''
    -name the objective and select ''End''
    -hit the action button
    -choose objective complete or failed, we choose compete.
    -select ''Done''
    -hit the action button.

    now you made a logic operation!!

    now when you play (fisrt make a starting point) you can complete the level bij killing guard one.
    And there are tons of other possibilities for a story map!

    so the trigger is the thing to be done, than the action has to be the thing that follows.
    you can start an action by doing one, or more trigger, and you can start more actions by doing one trigger.
    just highlight an option with the two dots and select ''Done''

    please ask more quistions..
    ''This one is for you baby'' :)

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    Can I take this one

    I think i know why the zombies keep dropping dead on your map captain_forrest. Zombies, if you put them on anything other than spawn and attack (maybe u have yours on Spawn and wait?) slump to the floor and look like they are dead. If you come in their "area", they come to life, but maybe if ur already in their area when they respawn, they just stay "undead". If on the other hand they are spawning and disappearing, then they are actually dieing, and its probably to do with ur game logic. But try changing the bot set to something not zombish.
    Headshot! That'll slow him down!

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    Ignore above message

    Whoops, somehow i managed to post this message in the wrong forum. Never mind

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    Post How would I do......

    Can u do a LONG guide 4 me plz then I can make the best story map. If u can I'll be very grateful. By the way, my e-mail is


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    Just tell me a specific problem of yours because a LONG guide takes al LONG time to make
    You can also tell me your ideas for that great story map of yours and I'll create one for you.
    ''This one is for you baby'' :)

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    Your maps don't necessarily have to involve getting from one place to another. If you make a map strictly for multiplayer, but then throw in guards, triggers, keys, etc., you will find yourself with a refreshingly entertaining map. I made one like this and is the most non-linear map you have ever seen. It's damn fun too.

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    I'd already spent the time using trial and error to make my first story map last year, but this is a good idea, Boj007. Good work.

    A really well-fleshed out FAQ/Guide on making story mode maps would be a great addition to the TS community and would fit in real nice at Gamefaqs, too.

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    starting point

    how do i make a starting point that i will always start in story mode. at the moment i have several "start all" points but i do not know how to make a "start you" point - cheers