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Thread: Links to TS2 MapMaker Sites

Links to TS2 MapMaker Sites

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    Oh, come on bruv. Don't be sad!

    I've just started a pretty decent community designed at sharing TS2 maps for the GameCube!
    If you've got a USB memory card or better still PSO and a BB adapter you can use a simple program to upload maps to your PC and from there to and from my community.

    The URL is

    C U there, Dave

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    But then I would have to buy TS2 for my GCN as well as PS2....
    Not that it's a bad game, but... Well, maybe.

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    it appears "Timesplitters 2 Network" is now a hardcore porn site... this being pinned u might wish to remove

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    Link removed, thanks for reporting.

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    Wow. That URL went to hell after I failed to renew. Those were good days, but porn?? That's funny as all hell!

    Anyway, my new url is:


    ...and the Maps are located here:

    BTW - They're not up...yet. I'm still uploading and tweaking the site.

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