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Thread: Winners of the LOK Art Contest!!

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    Smile Winners of the LOK Art Contest!!

    Hello all,
    Much thanks to all that entered the LOK Art contest. It was very difficult to decide the winners, but after much deliberation, we finally have them:

    First place is a tie between Esoteric and Funky C:

    You two will both receive a SR2 t-shirt and signed SR2 poster.

    Second place is Frostius:

    You will receive a SR2 poster and a SR1 cardboard stand-up.

    Third place is Serul:

    You will receive a SR2 poster.

    Honorable mention(fourth prize) goes to ChibijUK:

    You will receive a SR1 poster.

    And we have a LOK Rock 'N Roll award for both Fox and Rove2:

    You both will receive a SR1 small cardboard display poster.

    Everyone who entered will also be receiving a SR1-2 Promotional soundtrack: Raz, Lozza Mate, Necropotence, Feraz, [GNC]Vampire Girl, Nosgoth's Ruler, Manda, Darklegend, Gorechild, Nathken, Umah Bloodomen, Sekhmet, Willow, Sarah, Crazy Dragon, Eclipse_reaver, Ranmyaku, Dylan, Asamarith, and sTepan.

    Everyone above, please send me your mailing address to so I can send out your prizes. Also Esoteric and Funky C I need your shirt sizes. Thanks.

    Crystal Dynamics

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    Congrats everyone!

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    Wow, I want a soundtrack too! Good job everyone!!

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    Congratulations everyone.

    Even though I didn't post in any of the art contest threads, I was amazed at the talent of everyone who entered.

    Congratulations again.


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    OH MY GAWD..... I cannot believe it..... OH MY FREAKIN GAWD!!!!! *doesn't know what to say* *is in shock* Oh my!!!! O______O!!!

    *puts up a "check with me later when I have recovered" sign*

    EDIT: Where are my bloody manners?!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

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    *Gives Eso some valium*

    Congratulations guys! You all did great jobs and truly deserve your awards.
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    Big Grin Oh my!

    Oh my GOSH!!!

    E-Gads! I thought I didn't have a chance! This is soooooooooo KOOL!

    Thank you soo much!

    And it was great to see all your art guys! I hope we do this again, this was fun. ^_^

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    Congrats guys! So many talented people in the bunch!

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    Thumbs Up

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    Sigh I should have entered, I want a soundtrack, good job everyone.
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    Like I said before, everybody here is a winner.

    Congratulations to everyone!!!!!

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    Great job everybody!

    By the way, Chris, do you think there will be more of these types of contests?
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    *joins in the club and dies of shock also*

    Woah, first off, I didnt expect to win, let alone tie first place!

    *shakes Esoteric's and everyone's hands* Congratulations everyone! Its also a nice surprise to hear that EVERYONE gets a CD too, thats very cool! Awww you guys, anyhoo, this competition was fun! I hope there's more events like this.

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    Congratulations to all of you.

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    Big Grin

    Originally posted by keepittrue
    Sigh I should have entered, I want a soundtrack, good job everyone.
    I feel your pain, Keep...


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    Smile Congratulations!!!

    Let me join in the chorus: Congratulations to all!!!

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    if i had entered a stick figure of raz would that have gotten me a soundtrack?



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    wow I get a soundtrack, nice.

    thanks a bunch chris, and congrats to the winners

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    Big Grin I won, third place... COOL!!!

    Yeah! Third place!

    Congratulations to the first, second and of course the other winners too.

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    oh. my. gawd. i came second. i was so sure i wouldn't be placed!

    i'd be jumping around and screaming like the idiot that i am, but i'm still in such a shock. XD

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, esoteric and funky c! you didn't win for nothing! ^^

    *hugs everyone who entered the contest, plus everyone on crystal dynamics*

    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, ^____________^

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    Fantastic! Congratulations everyone, y'all did a great job!

    And thanks so much to Chris and the rest of the Crystal D crew! You are awesome!

    Ah, feel the joy and love and excitement in this topic! Woohoo!

    * hugs everyone *

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    wohoo! congrats pepole, its cool to see so much talent out there so ceep up the good work and dont be afraid to post moore artwork here(its a nice change)
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    Thumbs Up Booyah...

    Congrats everyone! Great job.

    At least I got what I wanted out of entering...

    BTW Chris, I really don't think I need another soundtrack, but thanks anyways.
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    ~ Voltaire

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    Its times like these I wish I had a scanner , or a place I could go and scan something out .........

    Congratulations Everyone

    Hey Chris , what about the fanfic contest **hint hint**

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    yes Congrats to everyone who entered ^-^
    Especially the winners!!

    and thanx to Chris and the good ppl at C D for setting this up!

    I'm happy happy, posters and soundtracks are cool. hehehehehe

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