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Thread: Best DQ Series Title Ever?

Best DQ Series Title Ever?

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    I love all 9 games but I will attempt to rank them:

    -VII Fav game of all time! Awesome class system!

    -IV Love the characters, would love to see the chapter system used in another DQ game. I've played through this one a dozen times!

    -V Epic story! It not being released in English here for so long is what caused me to learn to emulate and patch ROMs with translations.

    -III Good class system.

    -IX I need to play this one more.

    -VI Easy to be lost if you haven't played it in a while.

    -I Ah, the nostalgia. I didn't get into this for several months after I got it in 1989.Then one day it just sucked me in.

    -VIII This one strayed a little far to appeal more to mainstream. The music in this one always makes me fall asleep with controller in hand!

    -II Still a good game but nothing stands out about this one except it introduced multiple party characters.

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    That's a very difficult question considering I think all DQ games are wonderful. But I must say the Zenithia trilogy (DQ 4, 5, and 6) are probably my fav ones. If I have to choose one, it would be 6 because of the vocation system, the two parallel worlds, and the other exploration aspects.

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    I like sentinel of the starry skies best as you can customise so much about you characters and the bosses are difficult so is a challenge.

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