Thread: Dai's great adventure .. could it be a game ?

Dai's great adventure .. could it be a game ?

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    Hi there everyone
    well I really love dragon quest series and the first thing which made me inlove with it was Dai no Daibouken's Anime ..

    well it's really so famous here in saudi arabia at least ..
    anyway i've readed the manga many time and wished to make a remake for the anime and complete it ..

    but when i think .. i gusse when they try to make it a game it will be very good !

    the story line isn't that really bad and also characters ,, i think Action RPG will be just Perfect !!

    so what do you think about revive dai's great adventure ? let's take it as a discussion for fun

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    Interesting thread. I have not watched the anime (nor read the manga) myself though. So, the main character is the mirror image of Zack Fair?


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    I watched the anime when I was young, it was great. I think it can make a good RPG story.