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    Final Fantasy Origins

    I'm not exactly sure where to post this but here goes. I was very excited to see a FF VII PC download available in the online store and instantly purchased it. There was no second thought on that decision. However it got me wondering, is there any chance Square Enix can go back are redo their original Final Fantasy Origins that was released on playstation, and make it available for a PC download. I would gladly pay a decent amount of money for this game(s).

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    That would be nice, although you can play the game on many other platforms like mobile phones or PS3.

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    Hey I am doing a playthrough of Final Fantasy and uploading videos to my youtube. I would like it if you guys checked it out and told me what you thought and if you like my videos then I would appreciate it if you liked them and subscribed to my channel. I had some problems with recording in the beginning but it is all fixed and sorted out now. I will be doing the other Final Fantasy games in future.

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