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Thread: TR Community Photo Gallery

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    Gotta keep my secret identity...a secret.

    (click image to enlarge)

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    Long as we be in a pyratin' mood....

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    First post! Me dressed as the lovely Lady Croft herself! (If only I were as skinny!) :

    The shoes are rather incongruous I know - but I WAS going clubbing!

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    Not really a regular but eh..

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    Big Grin It's just me...

    One of my best girlfriends D and I ... or follow me on Twitter: @raideroftombs

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    A few thumbnails I dug out from last year.

    Me with my now dearly departed hamster, Ripley:

    Admiring my paintwork on the door:

    Me in the Canary Islands in the hotel gardens:

    Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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    Well anyway, didn't really wanted to post but ohh well here my cool pic...

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    Me having a quick cig after raiding a tomb... (and, yes, I do have a Mercury Rapids T-shirt on.. how sad is that? )

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    hi guys,
    I must ask u not to scream at my hideous picture lol

    in my halloween costume!

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    heres me

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    Old school photo

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    Heyo, new guy here.

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    Here's mine sorry for hat and bad taste in shirt, but was having a grunge day

    "A kind of evolution on steroids then?"

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    I'm very Un-photogenic...
    Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted.

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    My turn ^^

    thats me

    thats me and my bf <3
    in case some of yiu guys wonder how diferent me and him look, we live in diferent places =) He's british im portuguese. Waiting to live togetehr soon though ;p

    anywya that's me

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    Another one of me!

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    This is me, as the Flagman, wearing a t-shirt with the argentinian flag in it. (Click to enlarge)

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goar View Post
    I've just added you to my watch list.
    -Capn Skusting
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    "Doomsday device?...I suppose I could part with one and still be feared..."
    Skusting's deviantArt gallery <-updated with regularity regularly!

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    that would be meee

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    This is me and in the background female DJ i had up to appear for my radio show/ magazine appearance, Heidi Ice

    some of the pics of female members on here, a lot of you could by lara coft models. Tomb raider fans come from all walks of life.

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    Big Grin

    Here I am, I wasn't gonna post a pic, but what the heck.
    Thats just me, Followed by my playing Tomb Raider!,
    Then me just standing (my fingers look creepy like Natla's,
    I promise they are normal), Then the typical myspace style mirror shot!

    And here's a fun one, "OH NO WINSTON IS COMING, NO I DONT WANT TEA!"
    "...I'm tired, give a girl a break."

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    Mar 2007

    Me Last year


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    Hmmmm.....I can find all sorts of pictures of me all over the place...but none with Lara :P

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