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Thread: LOOK FORWARD TO IT! Most Anticipated Moment of 2013

LOOK FORWARD TO IT! Most Anticipated Moment of 2013

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    I look forward to all Square Enix game except phone/mobile/social games

    I also hope all these game below to be localized

    Final Fantasy Type-0

    Bravely Default Flying Fairy

    Dragon Quest X

    Dragon Quest VII

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix

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    Very much looking forward to:

    - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    And I also remain *extremely* hopeful that we see localizations for:

    - Final Fantasy Type-0
    - Bravely Default

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    Oops, I initially said just Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy X (Vita), and Bravely Default, but I'd also like to "look forward to"...

    Dragon Quest VII (3DS)

    Dragon Quest X (Wii U)

    Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3 (3DS)

    Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland (3DS)

    I don't care if Nintendo of America is now the unofficial publisher of DQ, it's still a Square Enix property. Please make it happen. I am "looking forward to it."

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    We still waiting for type 0 for psp/vita please square make us happy ..

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    Originally Posted by imported_Marc
    Originally Posted by Swaz

    Any information regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII and a Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization would truly be awesome!

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII anouncement for North America. (It has been 7 long years) with JAPANESE voices. (MOST ANTICIPATED)

    Also I would like to thank Project Crystallis for bringing this post to my attention. I will gladly support this community.

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    I'm looking forward to what drew me to support Project Crystallis in the first place:

    Type-0 localization because portable Final Fantasy is always great, but a NEW portable Final Fantasy is even better

    More information on Versus XIII! This game looks amazing.

    If you also throw in an NA release of KH 1.5 HD with the Final Mix versions that we never got to enjoy, you will make my 2013.

    I am looking forward to LR as well. The end of XIII-2, especially the DLC, has me on the edge of my seat!

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    I would like to see a western release of Final Fantasy Type-0 and also news on Versus.

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    Final Fantasy type-0 in Europe and USA please

    Also Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and maybe news about Final Fantasy Versus 13

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    A western localization of Final Fantasy type-0 anounsment or release during the year 2013 would make my day and year.

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    The games I'm very excited about are:

    Bioshock Infinite, God of War Ascension, The Last of Us, Ni no Kuni and Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure All Star Battle

    However Information about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD REmix in America would be awesome.

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    i would love final fantasy type o on vita number one

    second final fantasy versus 13

    and third final fantasy a realm reborn of course been playing it all the way through 1.0

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    My, now the Japanese sites (example: are linking to this very thread, pointing out that

    "a majority of the fans would most of all like to see an English release of TYPE-0 this year".

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    Originally Posted by Robert Peeler
    We love to say "Look forward to it!" a lot here at Square Enix; but I'd like to ask all of you what your most anticipated "Look forward to it!" moment is for 2013. It could be a game release, a game announcement, a new console announcement, or just a great gaming moment with your friends!

    Let us know below!
    I want Final Fantasy Versus XIII release date, and FF Type 0 for America and Europe . I wish that Versus XIII will be released in 2013, i'm waited too long...

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    Final fantasy type-0 for Europe and Usa as i said before, but also:

    A new Valkyrie profile

    A new Chrono ...

    Final fantasy X hd

    Final fantasy VI hd

    Final fantasy VIII hd

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    Final Fantasy XIII VERSUS.

    C'mon Square Enix.

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    Originally Posted by Robert Peeler
    We love to say "Look forward to it!" a lot here at Square Enix; but I'd like to ask all of you what your most anticipated "Look forward to it!" moment is for 2013. It could be a game release, a game announcement, a new console announcement, or just a great gaming moment with your friends!

    Let us know below!
    I'd love to see Type-0 localized, but I'm pretty sure that's not happening. Well worth the import, plays great on my Vita.
    On a more likely note, Kingdom Hearts or Versus XIII news would be great.
    And Fire Emblem Awakening defeats my hype for any other games 1000x over. Sorry Square.

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    FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII of course! 7 years waiting...

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    The thing I want the most, is to hear the release date of FF Versus XIII... it's about time, don't you think?????

    Another announcement that I would love to hear, is the localization (with the proper traduction if posible) of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

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    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Bravely Default FF

    Final Fantasy Type-0

    Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D

    Final Fantasy X HD

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    A Final Fatnasy Type-0 release for the west should be great news!

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    Final Fantasy Type-0

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    Tomb Raider

    And 3DS games would be great

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    Id like to see MUCH MORE news about Final Fantasy XIII Versus! Also Final Fantasy Type-0 infos would be probably the best that could happen in 2013. A release date..localization info or mabye just a heads up on whats going on at the moment wouldmake me happy Looking forward ot that! Also interested in Tomb Raider!

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    First and foremost the Final Fantasy Type-0 western release.

    After that, anything about Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be great...

    Ah yeah, if possible, a Front Mission game (or compilation) should be, no great, FANTASTIC.

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    Games for wiiU

    secret of evermore remake

    terranigma remake

    ilusion of time remake

    kingdom hearts with mario and cia colaboration

    Final fantasy crystal bearers 2 sequel

    bahamut lagon

    romancing saga

    treasure hunter G

    the world end with you 2 WIIU

    WII U games support it please please

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    Would not it be better to go back to playing games with love and magic than just to make money?

    And now let's trash the XIII saga.

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