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Thread: LOK series Art Contest: POST ART HERE!!

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    Big Grin The Seer

    I did wish to make a new picture just for this contest, but I too ran out of time. :0(....

    Oh well, heres my entry.....

    -- Rove --

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    Here's my entry

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    Ive seen this contest yesterday, and I decided to make a quick pict. Its still not finished yet, but... I hope that youll like it...

    ...if it doesnt shows use the url:

    ... sometimes our server is a little bit overloded... so it might take a while to load...



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    Smile The Art contest is now closed

    Hey there,
    Thanks to everyone who entered the Art contest. We will be judging over the next week and I will post the winners soon. So many talented LOK fans!
    Crystal Dynamics

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