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Thread: LOK series Art Contest Discussion

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    Lurker speaking up finally. Can't resist giving it a shot with my art.

    Dunno where I should post my entrys, but here's the links --->

    Those two are more serious pieces that I really like how they turned out.

    And a couple less serious ones. I have a load of comics and stuff in my side 7 gallery. Some, some people may have already seen over at Rove's site.

    Aaaand those are my enteries, so pples enjoy! ^_^


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    ok since noone has woulenteared(scuse the spelling) to host ill just post the links then, if its okay with chris?

    Raziel 2

    this is some of my art. i migth post moore but my hoast page is having sligth problems at the moment.
    so what do you think?

    Edit: i removed the other dravings. im going with the pic above.

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    Instead of doing multiple entries, why don't we keep it a bit more professional and only have one per person. It's not an art exhibit, it's a contest.

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    Originally posted by willow
    Instead of doing multiple entries, why don't we keep it a bit more professional and only have one per person. It's not an art exhibit, it's a contest.
    I definitely agree. It's also not fair to the people who may only be submitting one drawing.
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    I agree also. I was unsure about how many we were allowed to submit at the start, but seeing as people had submitted more than one, I figured I'd follow suit...

    ...I guess that makes me a sheep!

    Oh well, now I have to choose which piece to enter!
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    Big Grin A suggestion...

    Can I make a suggestion Raz? Enter the first picture. It looks the best in my opinion. Of course it's still your choice...

    To all that posted more then one picture, just edit your original post so as to avoid confusion. Alright?

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    Lightbulb *Idea strikes*

    Maybe it's too late but I'd like to suggest splitting this competition into 2 categories:

    1.) Original art (straight out of your head and thought up)

    2.) "Your Version" type art (your drawing of a pic that already exists).

    That way we can see who is the best at drawing Lok characters from an existing picture, and who is the best at making them from scratch & looking like it was made by CD themselves.

    What do you all think?

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    I will! That's my fave too...

    Reaver of Souls:

    I don't think we should divide the competition into categories. I think it'd be an added hassle.

    Besides, art isn't just what appears on the paper. It's about form, shading and loads of other stuff (can you tell I'm artistically minded? ). Lots of people base their art on something which has been done already and I think dividing people into categories would be unfair.

    Like I said, at the end of the day the judges should look deeper than what actually appears on the paper... in a way!
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    *Just so you know I am just asking because this doesn't make sense to me, i don't want to start an argument (just saying that because that seems to happen easily around here)*


    It wouldn't really be a hassle, all you would have to do is sort them into two "piles", considering there aren't that many entries yet. Or you could ask the artist to state if the pic is original or "your version" type.

    I'm artistical as well, and the only reason I am not entering is because I don't have a scanner at my disposal . I know art can be judged not by the apperance, but on different attributes. But this competition is about the best overall picture as far as I know.

    How would that be unfair? I'm not saying don't allow it I'm just saying try dividing it to see who is the best at those two things. Comparing an original pose and a copy of an existing one is very different, the original would most likely be not as good because you would need to look at several pics to figure out what that part of that character looks like from that angle or in that position, and it may look kind of strange when it's finished.

    And it's all up to the judges what they look for in the entries, if the want to look at what's on the paper and no deeper then that's what they'll do.

    One final thing, it could be judged, like you said, on different attributes. They could do best overall, best original, etc. So that really doesn't seem unfair to me.

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    No, I think it's best if you leave it as is (the competition that is).
    Things are always better when left simple.
    Multiple categories like that are unneeded.
    Also, with that you will exclude a fair amount of people who don't copy art (like me).

    Don't know... just seems like a silly idea to me.

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    You know, to make an accurate likeness of an already existing character normally requires reference material for any artist. Portraiture is kinda like that normally; you either work from images or live models to get the distinctive details of a persons likeness right. I personally prefer not to copy existing art, but thats just me. However, using reference stuff is kinda needed from time to time. Especially if you need to get the details of so-and-so's medallion or clothing right.

    I don't think it is neccesary to divide it into different catagories because it adds un-needed complexity to the contest. Not to mention, it is divisive among the artists themselves. Anyway, I believe that whatever artists win this competition will do so for the beauty/excellence of the art itself.

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    Reaver of Souls:

    When I first heard about this contest I saw it as a great oppurtunity for all artistic forum members to come together as a whole and see each others work. To then have people split into two categories seems a lil', well, I dunno... silly, I guess. It adds complication to the matter. It's not just as easy as splitting people into different categories. I mean, some may expect a first, second and third prize in both categories. I'm not saying I do personally, but some may... Also, some may see it as an insult to their work. For example, to have people who have done original art and those who have "only copied something". Regardless of whether or not the piece is a copy of an already existing image, it still takes raw artisitic talent to come up with a good final piece.

    It's true that I say this because my work is based on existing images, and I put a lot of effort into these pieces. To defend my work is natural... That is why I speak not only with myself in mind, but others who base their work on existing images.

    I know you're intentions are good, but it just seems too complicated to introduce... in my opinion.

    Oh, and I know you're not being funny about the contest...

    Willow, Esoteric:

    Well said!
    "Kain killed me once-behold the result. I have no more to fear from you." Raziel - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

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    man, I don't wanna have to choose which piece to enter...

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    Power reaver Guest
    Lozza , I think no.2 is the best , enter it .

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    I´ll post the images for Feraz (Isle of Morg) because she has probs to register.

    Her comic
    (12 images in german)

    Her Raziel figure.
    Made of fimo and painted with oil colors.

    Her plush Raziel.

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    Smile Starting new thread

    Hello All,
    After thinking it over, I've decided that we should limit the Art Contest to one entry per person to make it fair. This thread will stay here so you can post all the art you would want and let the other forum members help decide which one to enter into the contest. The other thread I am starting will be for your actual entree into the contest. Discussions in the second thread will be deleted along with any multiple entrees from an individual. If anyone has any problems with this, please let me know. Thanks.
    Crystal Dynamics

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    Smile 1st piece entered into the contest

    Looks like we have our first official entree into the art contest. Thanks Raz! Any of you others who posted art here in this thread, go ahead and pick your favorite piece and post it into the other thread marked "POST ART HERE". Thanks everyone for your cooperation in making this run smoothly. If anyone posts on any other LOK related sites, please invite them to come enter the contest.
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    No worries Chris!
    "Kain killed me once-behold the result. I have no more to fear from you." Raziel - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

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    Smile splitting the contest...

    Hi there,
    In response to the questions above about splitting the contest, I'm sorry but I'm not willing to do that. I only have one set of prizes for the contest right now. In the future if we decide to do this again, I will take this into consideration. Just let inspiration be your guide and have fun with it!
    If anyone has a problem with this, let me know. Thanks.

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    Big Grin Thank's Chris.

    Thank's Chris for ending all the questions about the contest. I started this thing and just wanted to keep it simple. When I said art I was including sculptures and ANY other form's of art say for example a poem, I'd say just post it in the official art thread and if it get's bumped then it just pushed the limit's to far. About the originality the art has to be LOK themed so it won't be totally original but say some one directly copied a picture even if it was really good it probably would be hurt in the competition due to it's lack of originality, so I would'nt worry about that.

    Thank's everyone for all the feedback and lets have a good contest.

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    Question Quick Question...

    I plan on entering a computer-designed drawing with portions of my actual drawing (or somewhat of an attempt of drawing anyway...LOL) am I able to incorporate other LOK images into it? (Like screenshots or promotional shots or whatever?) Kind of like what I have in my signature images?

    Piccasso I am not and drawing Kain and Raziel is proving rather difficult.
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    Okies. I pick this one then:

    for the contest.

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    Lightbulb Link problem...

    Your link is coming up as a "File Not Found" - not a normal one (as in can't find the site), but one on where you are hosting the image.

    EDIT Also, I think the submissions are being posted in the other thread now. This is a discussion thread.
    "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one;
    'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
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    I have just seen the latest entries and my reaction is

    Honestly , even if I did enter I wouldent have a chance against those awesome master peices .

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