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Thread: New startopia patch (kinda)

New startopia patch (kinda)

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    New startopia patch (kinda)

    new video card set up

    Various updates have been made to the video card setup as new cards have popped up over the last year since release. These tweaks have been rolled into a tiny new video card setup file (<6kb IIRC).

    Extra support for the following

    -all known ATI cards up to and including Radeon 9800.
    -all known nVidia cards up to and including GeForce FX 5800.
    -fixed problem with some SiS Xabre cards, though not all (please contact us if you have one of these cards!)

    and previously support for these was added

    GeForce 4 Ti
    GeForce 4 MX
    GeForce 4 Go
    GeForce 3
    GeForce Quadro (all types)
    Recognises more types of TNT

    Radeon 8x00
    Radeon 7x00
    Recognises more types of Radeon
    Recognises more types of Rage128


    Beta support for SiS 315

    Voodoo1 and Voodoo Rush support (though they're quite slow)

    Recognises more types of Permedia 2 and 3

    zebra3... ...out

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    Glad to see you guys still supporting the game.

    One of the mods need to get this in a sticky topic me thinks.

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    Thanks, I'm really suprised there are still developers in todays time, that support their games. I don't know of many that do. So what is next for Muckyfoot? Any new games in development?

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    Just finished Blade2 on the Xbox and PS2. Got another couple of games on the go (no StarTopia2 is not one of them ) and a second office up and running at the other end of the country. So it really is all go here.

    But we still have time for our previous games. I can't understand devlopers who put two years of their lives into a game only to ignore it once it's on the shelves. I suppose it does help when the games is as good as StarTopia however

    zebra3... ...out

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    Hmm. Maybe this can help me with my problem... though i have GeForce 2 MX... view my post!: "!?!?!?!?!?! Troubleshooters look here!"

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    Viewed and replied.

    Remember that we are not the main support for the game. Eidos Tech Support are your first port of call. Any help we give is off our own backs, done in our own time and as such is not official support. But we hope it all helps

    zebra3... ...out

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    Thank you so very much Mr. MuckyFoot... Ps: GREAT GAME!

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    Thanks guys, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside to know you still care.

    Expect a post on StarTopia Post later today.

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    New games huh? can you give us a sneaky preview? Or you wanna keep it on the d/l

    But y'know if these new games ever need a beta testing team........ *cough hint *cough hint

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    Is the patch you are announcing different from the StarTopia Patch 1.0.1? I was unable to find anything else other than the 1.0.1 (and the b varient) on the muckyfoot web site. I have a Geforce3, so am interested in this patch.

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    Big Grin

    Well it was the main article at the time but it's slipped now sohere you go.

    I'll edit the orginal post to make it more obvious.

    zebra3... ...out

    p.s. Nope can't tell what the new games are yet

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    The sales figures must've hurt... 's like what happened with both of the MDK games, and Outcast. Appeal went bankrupt after Outcast, and shiny barely managed by landing OEM deals with hardware manufacturers, but Dave Perry is a genius anyway.

    Good to hear that Mucky Foot wasn't put into the grinder though. I'd hate to see you go.

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    Wink The old GeForce chestnut

    Yes Yes, i'm back, i finally got the game to run again without all the funny colours/patterns.....

    I thought i'd pop back n see if anyone had found a proper way to fix it but no luck.

    My system is Win 98SE, 256MB RAM, plenty of HDD space, GeForce2 MX200 w/64MB, er what else, oh DX8.1, vid drivers are the ones that came out about september i think (newer ones create more problems apparently), legit version of StarTopia, patched 1.01 & 1.01b.

    The problem i had was that when i started the game, after the load bar (with the pic of alien going towards spacestation) the menus (and ingame) would flash and change colours (the green problem). In the video options it saw my card as GeForce2 MX400.

    I did what was suggested before, reinstalling game, vid drivers, changing back to DX8.0a, impostors but it didn't help. What i finally found that did it (as someone else has) was switching the Transform & Lighting to Software instead of hardware (although the MX200 is meant to have HW T&L ? ).

    Do you guys at Mucky Foot want the yourgfx file or have you given up?

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    The MX200 and MX400 are functionally identical - they're just slightly different speeds - so that's not a problem.

    Yes, all GF2 variants should support hardware T&L, and we did lots of testing on them, and they seemed to work just fine. Obviously there's some little quirk of your system (you'll probably never find it - could be anything) that means something is misbehaving between the drivers and the setup and everything.

    OK, well at least you found the problem and can play the game. There won't be any visual difference between software and hardware T&L, just a (pretty small) speed difference.

    Yep, send the "your gfxcard.txt" file and we'll have a look and see if anything obvious is wrong.

    TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

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    Thanks to Tom F for helping sort out that problem, i'm now a happy scuzzer.

    For anyone else who maybe having probs it turns out my problems were caused by the AGP Aperture being set too low.

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    Big Grin Any update...

    Yea and Joy doth overbound. I hope Edios is listening. (fat chance... fat cats)

    Believe it or not, this update actually inspired me to reinstall Startopia and begin playing again. Not that I actually have any of the newer video cards, but a friend noticed an update for Startopia which brought me back. If I had my "druthers" I would like to see more support for LOWER end machines. But then that is just me.

    Tom F might remember me as one of those people who "mucked about" with Startopia. You know, play the thing for premises OTHER than winning.

    I don't expect the Edios-Cats to understand that they have an unknown winner with Startopia. Say they commissioned MuckyFoot for a "update and patch" with a few new features and fixes. Put a new set of boxes in the stores and actually run a few ADS.

    I talk with gamer friends, IRL. Everyone has heard of the Sims, the fact that Moo3 might be coming out sometime this century and so on. I ask about Startopia and I get a blank look. Most of us who found Startopia found it by accident. Hidden in a corner of the shelf. I meet regularly with gaming buddies for Lan Parties. I really DO hear from real gamers.

    * <--- tribble. # <---- Borg Tribble. * <--Andorian Tribble.

    P.S. Sigh.. back to Junior Member again. *smirks*

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    Yup, startopia rocks! hey, maybe instead of working with video issues you could add those biodeck critters in a patch? O!O! or better yet the fighting pit(i dont care if it works =) but probably not cuz of the new things mucky foot is making... o well...
    Come to my startopia website!
    The Startopian Station! or here maybe.

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    I got startopia when electronics botique in chelmsford had a clearence sale. I meant to go and buy worms world party but ended up buying startopia. It was stuck in the corner of the shop with all the other games that were not making any moneybut the shop needed to sell off. I bought it for £1.99. I must say its the game if spent longest on. Most games end up getting boring after yo do all the missions twice and do about 20 sandboxs. But startopia is great.

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    That makes me happy

    Ok not the £1.99/making no money bit but the fact you enjoyed it so much still makes me smile.

    zebra3... ...out

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    I tried to make someone buy Startopia today....

    He said he had no money, but I dont think thats a good excuse

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    New cardid.tom avalible. Sticky thread post updated.

    zebra3... ...out

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    You just dont give up do ya

    Now all I need is a new graphics card. Except the 9800 costs £350!

    And I aint getting that 5800; noisy, PCI slot eating slab of PCB.

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    Get a GeForce 4 like me, EA games are starting to add in special extras to their games only available to PCs with GeForce nVidia cards.

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    I got a Geforece 4 ti4200.

    But I want a DX 9 card....

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    You can download DX 9, so no need to go out and buy it. Besides if any game actualy needs it, it will be included with the game.

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