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Thread: New startopia patch (kinda)

New startopia patch (kinda)

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    I seem to not be able to create a new thread in this forum for some reason (just get a blank page), but I think this is fairly related to the post:

    Has anyone been able to run the game with a graphics card more recent than the 9800 series? I have a X800GTO (of the AGP variety) and the game will not even get to the main menu.

    A series of errors pop up, starting with:
    CWB/CFB Failed
    Create Environment failed
    Initialization error: Unrecognized error 0x8200000a
    Bad Display Mode
    Your card can't hack it, switching to software rasterizer. MAybe you aren't in 16 or 32 bit colour mode?
    Bad display mode

    Now THATS'S what I call an error.


    While I disagree with the "Your card can't hack it" statement, convincing Startopia seems to be a problem. I have installed the 1.01 and 1.02 patches - no dice. Then I went in and added an entry for my video card, whose PCI ID according to ATI Tool is 0x554F (I checked this against a linux website - seems to be accurate), and so added the entry:

    Device:554F RadeonX800
    Tweak:SRT_ENABLE 1

    under Vendor: 1002 ATI. This had no effect. I finally tried adding:

    Device range:0000 FFFF RadeonX800
    Tweak:SRT_ENABLE 1

    as the first item after "Vendor:1002 ATI" - this didn't do anything either.

    So does anyone have any ideas? I bought this game when it originally came out (several computers ago) and was going through my stack of older games and decided I wanted to play it... and now I'm really curious whats wrong.

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    I have an Radeon X800/X850 series card in the form of a PCI-E Asus AX850 Pro (Device ID:5D4F). Never had any graphics issue with it at all, quite the oppisite in fact, the game renders brilliantly on it. My effort of seting up the game was just to push all the sliders to max (except resolution, damn monitor) and start playing.

    If it helps my Video settings are:
    - Graphics Device: Auto (Hardware T&L) Direct3D T&L HAL
    - Resolution: 32 Bit 1024x768 (75Hz)
    - Level of Detail: Manual/Max
    - Animation Quality: Max
    - Mitmap Quality: Trilinear/Max
    - Texture Quality: 32bit/Max
    - Lighting: Auto (on)
    - Glossiness: Auto (on)
    - Fogging: Auto (off)
    - Transform and Lighting: Auto (Hardware)
    - Anti Alasing: On
    - Impostors: On/Max Quality

    The Graphics card does list itself in the device list as "(Hardware T&L) RADEON X800/X850 Series" even though there is no matching "Device" parameter in the cardID.tom file. I have never set it to this though as the Auto/Direct3D settings have always worked perfectly.

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    Thats interesting... what version of the Catalyst drivers are you using? My computer doesn't even start loading the menu.

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    I just got the latest ATI Catalyst (V1.2.2314.20337) last week, but all of the older versions of catalyst I have used worked just as well. I built this PC about 8 months ago and never had any startopia issues with any of the graphic drivers I have used.

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    Running Startopia on a GeForce 6600 GT (and probably other new gfx cards as well)

    Hello Folks,

    I'm posting this here because I just discovered how to get Startopia to run my new machine. It has a GeForce 6600 GT installed. After installing the game, the menu didn't show at all, and after applying the patch, it first looked fine, but I discovered that in-game, the camera would jitter a lot, making the game rather unpleasant to play.

    So I started digging a bit:

    Startopia uses the cardid.tom file in it's installation directory to configure each graphics card model separately. However, the game is rather old, and there are no entries for newer cards, so the game uses default settings for cards it can't recognize. And this doesn't always work.

    However, if you've got proplems running the game, you can edit cardid.tom and add an entry for your graphics board. Here is the card info I added blow the Vendor:10DE nVidia line into the file to make my card run:

    Device:0140 GeForce6600GT
    Tweak:SRT_ENABLE 1

    If you have a different card, you can run the game once and load the "your gfxcard.txt" file that the game puts into it's installation directory each time it runs. Open the file and look for a line that says something like this:

    IDs: Vendor:10DE, Device:0140, Subsys:00000000, Revision:00A2

    The Vendor code, 10DE, is nvidia's vendor code. You'll that code also in the cardid.tom file in the 'Vendor:...' line which starts a section for gfx cards for that vendor. The Device:0140 part of tha line is even more important: With this code, the game identifies your card. Now the best bet you have is to go the section of your card's vendor, and copy the settings for another card from there, but replacing the device code with the code of your card that you got from the 'your gfxcard.txt' file.

    Now you've got a configuration just for your graphics card. Note that I didn't research at all what the options do, the only thing I found out is that adding the Tweak:SRT_THRASH_FREQUENCY 1 line fixed the camera jitter proplem I had at first, and I only found out that the option exists because I looked into the exe. However, the cardid.tom file still has configurations for quite a number of cards, giving many examples configurations to learn from.

    So good luck and happy card hacking. I actually suggest that people who get Startopia working with their new gfxcard post the card's section here, like I did, so that others can simply past the info into their cardid.tom file.

    Hope that helps some of you, so I didn't waste all that time just for myself



    P.S.: I't half past 4 AM here, so if I babbling BS, blame me tomorrow

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    hobbesmaster: That problem is not related to anything in the cardID.tom file - the game is failing to initialise the graphics card well before that stage. I have heard of a few people with this problem, but I don't know what causes it. It seems to be a complete failure to turn on Direct3D for the graphics card, which is very strange indeed! I don't know what to recommend except for the basics - newest version of DirectX, newest drivers, etc.

    To clarify things for some - if StarTopia doesn't recognise your card, it should still work - it just doesn't go nuts with the detail settings and features. Updating to the latest cardID.tom may slightly improve performance (especially at higher resolutions), but it shouldn't be the difference between working and not working.

    bobby_newmark: Interesting about the SRT_THRASH_FREQUENCY setting. That isn't intended for anything but my personal debugging - what it does is simulate a worse video card than you actually have! Probably what you want to do instead is turn the Impostor detail setting down or possibly off.

    Although your instructions should work, I would really really like people to email me with their "your gfxcard.txt" file, and then I can keep the master cardID.tom file up to date and then everyone can download it. The current latest version, and the email to send your own files to, is at


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