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Mission 7 Tips

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    What's so important about this thread?

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    And why did it change from sticky to important? I like saying, "Hey, let's check out this sticky thread." It sounds like only SOME threads are even important enough to read. With sticky, I just know that the mods want it on top. I like my sticky.

    And I think it is stic.. er... important because we don't want to eventually have 20 of these posts up, mucking the servers and such.
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    There's 3 already though.

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    NoLimit Guest
    Im famous

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    Mission 7 problem

    I attack, they attack, same thing happens, I kill them all, get the goods, and the game goes on and on and on, I have taken over 7 segments but the mission does not end. No one left on the starcraft.
    I did get a message that something detached from the station...opponet #3???
    How do I win this mission?

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    Either disable or takeover enemy Energy Collectors, with energy gone power does not last long and everything becomes disabled including control over the station.

    And by the way consider yourself officially greeted and welcomed to this startopia forum, Aerospace Station Gloden Evo.
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    No, no, no! The real name is Waystation Zeta-Plural mkII. Greetings to it.

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    Thanks for the greeting! I have done what you said, I have taken over everything on every level, have sent my scuzzers to take over every room on the station, but the game just keeps going... I have started over and the same thing....

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    Are you positive you didn't just say continue playing? No? Worth a shot.

    No I'm no questioningy your brain power...

    But if not, then I'd have no idea.
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    Could you share your savegame then? It would be easier to help.

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    For god's sake, what is this place called?

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    (Who is this NoLimit guy?)

    Someone should make a mod to make a mission like lvl 2 so you have to get like 250 cures before 25 deaths but have 2 ports and just generally bigger. I love that mission, the silly health inspectors can't even detect the garbage in my pattern buffer, hee hee...

    <Goes off and cackles about the garbage in his pattern buffer.>
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    If you remind me on Sunday (PM?) and I'll make it Monday/Tuesday when Im off work for you.

    Or maybe sometime in an evening.

    Or maybe someone else would like to.

    It should just be a simple hack-the-numbers job.

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    Rolleyes Mission 7, the Squatters La la la

    I get to this level, and i can't get the second squatter off the station, i have defeated the one to the left very quickly, and the one on the right is still there and my Scuzzers can't even use the option to breach...the doors open and close, the patch is installed, so thus i am stuck....the opponent has like 2 or 3 section's and that is all, but can't open them, this is a nerve racking one....

    Help me

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    Sounds like you've not fought that foe long enough that they have reverted to 'peace' 'friend' state.
    Open up the visitor/resident panel, click on the 'overview' tab, and on the lower right is a list of the other players and their friend/enemy status. Click on the 'friend' and it turns into enemy. Then go breach and attack away. Note that a door that is open to a friend gets closed when you go enemy, and then you have to breach it.

    I ran into this same problem on mission 7, and again on the last mission.

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    These are the rules I understand for combat. I know it sounds a little like insulting your intelligence, but there might be one little thing that's forgotten:

    1) On the Overview panel, click an opponent to declare war with them.

    2) Use a Security Scuzzer to breech a door adjacent to the enemy.

    3) Use a Security Scuzzer to hack the door in the segment adjactent to your segment. You cannot claim more than one segment at a time.

    4) Expect the enemy to hack your door, even if you breech them.

    5) Ray guns use up your energy reserves. The further from your territory you are, the more energy they use.

    6) Any rooms that are in the captured segment become owned by you. Any residents become your visitors. Any enemy scuzzers begin their self-destruct sequence. Kill them quickly or get out of

    7) If any administrator loses all of their Energy Collectors, they are out of the game. Because of this, concentrate your attacks on the bottom deck. Note that this rule may not apply to mods.

    8) Once an administrator is removed from the station, all of their equipment and aliens are free to claim by the first administrator to claim that segment (no repair cost or hacking required).

    9) Note that while your residents are ready for battle (ie. fighting or at a rally point), you will lose all manufacturing (Salt-Hogs), medical (Greys), communication (Targ), and security (Kasvagorian). Given that security's main purpose is to prevent breeches and support hacking, Security Control suddenly seems a fairly useless room. Does anyone else know what its purposes are?

    The only other suggestion I can give as to why you cannot win is that the script stuffed up somehow. Not common, but not unheard of either. I'm afraid you'll probably have to restart if this is the case.

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    Keeping Stuff Running During Battle

    A good way to keep your sick bays and factories running during battle is to hire some employees with no loyality. These workers won't respond to targeting priorities and instead will stick to their jobs. Having some Kasvagorians with no loyality is a good way to keep your security center up and running. This results in faster hacks by your security scuzzers and longer range for your stationary turrets, two critical aspects that can make combat much easier.

    Also, the moment the doors open you can start hiring some combat personel from the other guy's section. This is a good way to compliment your forces if you're having a hard time getting enough people to help out. Just remember that after the dust settles to let go of unnessary personel.

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    Use for Security Control

    I think I read somewhere that Security Control makes your fuzzers find bombs left by spies faster and disarm them.

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    Things get frantic when you battle people sprint everywhere all your non battling employees run off. Any tips for this?

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    There's not much you can do. Aliens will want to survive and they will run for their lives. All you can do is try to initiate combat away from these areas. People will only run if they're in the same segment as combat (and perhaps adjoining segments, I'm not sure.)

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    Heh.. i think i did this mission in a fairly unorthodox manner...

    Basically I blew most of my starting wad of cash on a cargo hold and starport, and opened up an engineering deck to my left and one of the biodeck segments. I actually hired more karmaramas than kasvagorians...

    I did the mission in about an hour and a half / two hours, and most of that was just trading for fun and profit... and then I blew my 200k hiring pretty much any kasvagorian that came in, and 20 or so security bots, then just built a security colum near my own bulkhead lock. I had such a huge force that i could split into two or three muster points, and just let the column deal with any stray enemy bots I mopped up both playing buddies in about 15 minutes tops.

    throughout the mission VAL kept on popping up messages like,"I don't think I've ever seen anyone do this"

    Oh well - the mission said prepare for attack, SOON. But theres no time limit, so hey, whatever works

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    Mass employment is the only way to go. Anyone with a gun is worth it.

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    No time limit? WRONG! You were lucky- I haven't beat this mission yet, cause the enemy keeps attacking...

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    Minor corrections:

    5) Ray guns ... The further from your territory you are, the more energy they use
    Not quite. They use the same power all the time, but the further away they are, the less damage they do. So you can't just send your Gors off five segments away to kill the enemy collector - maximum useful range is about two segments.

    9) Note that while your residents are ready for battle, you will lose all manufacturing.
    Well, sort of. What actually happens is that anyone working when you set a muster point or target an enemy will keep on working. However, as soon as they get bored or need the lavotron, they stop working and then they go to the muster point. So if you're attacked suddenly, you should still have security and manufacturing capabilities, but if you leave peeps mustered for a long time, then yes - eventually everyone will wander away from their jobs and join the army.

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    first you hold F11 then type RSHIFTWINLEVEL, then make sure numlock is off, then you press 6 on the num pad... i already won this mission in like 3 seconds! but if you want a real strategy(did i spell that right?) just expand 2 segments (one to left, one to right) on all decks, on industry and pleasure decks just build security columns along the bulkheads and build a Massive army of invincible Security scuzzers! Muw ha ha ha ha! and get some of the other fighting races while you do this, the utterly and totally wipe them out... it worked for me but i did it like 5 times before i won, also try your luck in sandbox agianst 1 cpu till you win, then 2 a couple of times, then go back 2 mission 7.

    Any Questions?

    EDIT:bad spelling! geeze!
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