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    Manga Employment

    I don't exactly know if this is the right forum for this but I will move this thread later if necessary. I am an aspiring manga author and I was wanting to know how exactly the Square Enix employment works for the Manga Department. Does Square Enix select an upcoming manga being created by someone and popularize it or do they hire people to create manga for them? If they hire people, what skills are necessary to take on an such a position and how often does employment go out for these specific types of positions? If someone could answer these questions, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    I believe you would be more likely to receive an answer if you contacted GANGAN directly, since Square Enix North America is not responsible for hiring new manga artists.
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    I don't know if there is very much precedent for non Japanese to create manga for one of their major publishers. I suggest submitting a one-shot to Yen Press during the 'New Talent Search' coming up early next year. They are the major licensor for Square Enix, and they happen to dabble in producing manga style titles almost like Tokyopo did back in the day. If this is truly something you want to do, then go at it all the way. Immerse yourself in drawing and creating everyday, and explore every avenue. Lastly, read Bakuman for some inspiration and a bit of insight on the industry, but mostly because it really made me want to go out and become "the greatest manga creator in the world/achieve the dream."