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Thread: [BO2] Official Gameplay Help Archive

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    Lightbulb [BO2] Official Gameplay Help Thread

    I posted a similar thread concerning SR2 on the SR forum and decided to post another one over here.

    I have noticed that a lot of people have been asking for help in regards to areas of gameplay (not technical issues) and I have taken the liberty of locating some threads related to specific areas of BO2.

    Now the object of this thread is not to give out the answers, but to point people in need of assistance into a good direction. (I understand that new people to the fourm may not even know where to begin to look and therefore ask). A lot of the areas of help are also from a while ago, hence why I figured I would start gathering them up and posting them here, creating somesort of reference area.

    This is not an attempt to discourage anyone from asking for any assistance. (By all means continue to ask away). I feel this will help especially at any time of the day/night when the forums may not be occupied with people to assist those in need.

    I encourage everyone to contribute to this thread when necessary, with new areas of help and strategies. Be sure to list the subject in the subject line. (Example: BO2 Boss Guide) and post the links to the threads which may help out. (Or new responses all together).

    I hope this thread helps out. Enjoy!

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    Lightbulb BO2 Chapter Help...

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