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Thread: [SR2 and SR1] Official Gameplay Help Archive

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    [SR2] Official Gameplay Help Thread

    Seeing that I am really bored this evening I decided to follow Blincoln's lead with his sticky thread at the top of this forum. (Hopefully this one will eventually become "sticky" too **hint..hint...hint as she bats her eyes all cute-like to the Butterfly Lord or which ever other Mod/Admin frequents here).

    I have noticed that a lot of people have been asking for help in regards to areas of gameplay (not technical issues) and I have taken the liberty of locating some threads related to specific areas of SR2.

    Now the object of this thread is not to give out the answers, but to point people in need of assistance into a good direction. (I understand that new people to the fourm may not even know where to begin to look and therefore ask). A lot of the areas of help are also from a while ago, hence why I figured I would start gathering them up and posting them here, creating somesort of reference area.

    This is not an attempt to discourage anyone from asking for any assistance. (By all means continue to ask away). I feel this will help especially at any time of the day/night when the forums may not be occupied with people to assist those in need.

    I encourage everyone to contribute to this thread when necessary, with new areas of help and strategies. Be sure to list the subject in the subject line. (Example: SR2 Forge Guide) and post the links to the threads which may help out. (Or new responses all together).

    I hope this thread helps out. Enjoy!

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    Lightbulb SR2 Forge Help

    Here are some links to help with the forges of SR2

    Direction to Air Forge

    Air Forge

    Fire Forge

    Fire Forge

    Light Forge

    Dark Forge

    Dark Forge

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    Lightbulb SR1 Boss Guide compliments of Azrael...

    Melchiah: After the cutscene, Melchiah will start crawling towards you. Now do a quick panoramic view on the area you're in, just to see that you have two small rooms with the gates down. Now walk to one gate, and notice that in the left and right of it you can use the super jump to reach it. Ok, now inside the room, there's a lever which you need to press until Melchiah is in the middle of the opened gate. When you release it, it will impale Melchiah. Repeat this process on the other room. Ok, now, after you impaled Melchiah for the second time the crank in the Melchiah's throne will be operational. Now the tricky part it's that you have to make Melchiah be inside the circular cage in the center of this room, to do it, just get inside of the cage, and wait for him to phase through it, and to you just be sure that he stays there, let him crawl a bit near you, after this jump of the cage and run to the crank and use it. You'll see a cutscene and you will aquire the Phase Through ability.

    Kain, first encounter: After the cutscene, Kain will teleport to one of the three places in the throne room. You'll just need to scan each of these places, once you get to know them just search for Kain charging up the Soul Reaver. You'll have to quickly run up to Kain and hit him with your claws. And each time you hit him, he will teleport to a new place and charge up the Soul Reaver, just repeat the same process more two times, and in the third time you hit Kain, a cutscene will apear and after it you will aquire the Soul Reaver, in it's wraith form. If you get hit by the the Soul Reaver's energy during the battle, you will be propelled to the Spectral Realm, and there you only need to restore your health and shift to Material Realm again to resume your battle.

    Zephon: The good thing on this boss is that he can't pursue you throught the room, but he is still deadly with his 4 "claws" on the top of the room. To kill him, you will need him to lay an egg, and to do this you have at least two options, first hit one of his "claws" when it get stuck on the floor, or going to his body base, and hit it. When he lay an egg, just grab it and go to the room, now closed, entrance where you can see half of a vampire hunter holding a torch. You'll need to pass the egg on the torch, so it could set it on fire, then throw it at Zephon before it explodes on your hands. Now you just need to repeat the same process more two times and Zephon will defeated. WIth his soul you can aquire the scale walls ability.

    Morlock: Ok, this one isn't exactly a boss nor one of Raziel's brothers, and is very easy to defeat. So after the cutscene, Morlock will attack you by shooting a force projectile, which you can evade easly, now there's multiple ways to kill him. One is that you, after you jump to the plantaform where he is, and if you still have the Soul Reaver, you can strike him easly, or, if you got hit, attack him with your claws until he is stunned and then grab and throw him to the water bellow. After you defeat him, it will appear the force projectile ability to you "pick up".

    Rahab: After the cutscene, Rahab will start shooting force projectiles at you, or he will just dive and appear near and bite you. To defeat him, you will have to break all the stained glass windows in the room, and be careful when you jump from one pillar to another, unless you wanna fall in the water. And if you want to break them quickly and with minimal health losse, just wait him to attack you and avoid it, them aim for the windows. After breaking all the stained glass windows it will appear a cutscene and Rahab will be defeated, and you will aquire the swimn ability.

    Dumah: After the cutscene of when you enter in Dumah's throne room, you have to revive him. To do it, just remove all the stakes from him and he will be revived and it will appear a second cutscene, after it, you have to run from him. Leading him to the furnace room, which is back through the large courtyard and on the other side through a tunnel. Once there, you have to turn the gas on, and then run to the lever, in the other side of the room, to activate the furnace. You have to do this one quickly. And try to avoid the shockwave he does when he punches the ground, because this will stun yt«ou for a few seconds, leaving him time to get close enough and constrict you. After defeating him you will gain the constrick ability.

    Kain, second encounter: This one is very similiar to the first one, but Kain here will not have the Soul Reaver, and you will have to jump to the tiers of this room. And to hit him you will have to have the Soul Reaver, since your claws here will not make him any damage. And you don't have to worry, since there's an health refiler in the middle of the room. To defeat him you will have hit him three times, and with each hit he will get one tier up, making a bit more difficult to see/reach him. After you have hitted him for the third time a cutscene will appear and you will have beaten the game

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    Heres another link , I think its the best one out there , I often resorted to this guide when I got stuck in Soul Reaver .

    Sinjins Soul Reaver Walkthrough

    Heres 1 for SR2

    Sinjins Soul Reaver 2 Walkthrough

    I hope you guys find these helpful .

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    Glyph help in SR1

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