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Thread: The Match Planning Thread

The Match Planning Thread

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    Exclamation The Match Planning Thread

    Anyone who is interested in finding challengers for online gameplay, this is the place to do it!

    Tip: Post your IM usernames to help connect with other players quicker!


    Edit: Seeing as some people can't take a hint, "any posts not directly related to match planning/match results will be removed." Thank ya.

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    I'm up for a challenge!

    So whoever wants to have the floor wiped with their insignificant little behinds, feel free to sign up for your doom!

    I am normally available from around 1800 (+1200) to about 0100(+1200). That translates into 6am - 1pm GMT...

    So who's gonna take me on huh? >:)

    EDIT: As had tried to say earlier, I prefer to battle against comps, and ally with humans. This is a valid battle preference that will assist when planning matches, so don't freaking delete it!!!

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    Startopiafrance Guest
    I can't play with you because I sleep when you play.

    But I can play all days. Begin : 2:00 pm gmt and end : 5:00pm gmt.

    Who can?
    I use the GameSpy and my nickname is Startopia-france.

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    Startopiafrance, we've played eachother before! All you have to do is get up 2 hours earlier, and/or for me to stay up 2 hours later and there we go! We have a match!

    When the school holidays come round you should find me on here until about 3am - 4am, which is 3pm - 4pm (GMT)

    NOTE: This is valid bargaining that will assist when planning matches, so don't freaking delete it!!!

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    Startopiafrance Guest
    You are not in holidays????
    I'm in holiday to 5st september...

    Ho, please, tell me what hour we can play in GMT?

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    My holidays finished one and half weeks ago, and I wont have any more for about another eight. I'm working this weekend so I'll definately be needing my sleep, but the next weekend (generally Friday night for me = Friday afternoon GMT) I'll make a point of staying up until 'early' on gamespy.

    Sounds good?

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    Startopiafrance Guest
    I am connected now. NZrevenge, are you cornerstone?

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    Uh... No. I'm NZrevenge, though lately my nickname has been [NAZI] NZrevenge, because I've started using gamespy for Halflife, and I so figured I should put my clan into the name...

    I wasn't on gamespy last night, and wont be for atleast a week and half. I'm beginning to suffer from sleep deprivation and so I'm gonna try and cram in about 8 or 9 hours sleep (that involves me getting to sleep by about 10am - 11am GMT) tonight and tomorrow night. Then I have work all weekend. Then I have another crappy week at school...

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    Originally posted by NZrevenge

    P.S I read your preferences on that poll for/against this thread, and I wouldn't mind having a match too. I'm online anywere between 7pm-7am. you may say;

    11PM= + Coffe =

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    Startopiafrance Guest
    11PM + Coffe =
    lol I'm too young to drink coffee

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    NAZI is just a Day of Defeat (halflife WWII mod) clan name! All I can really say is that if I was a nazi, then the first thing I would have to do is start hating myself (I have African blood in coursing through my veins! A great travesty in Hilter's eyes...). I love myself too much to hate myself, and any possible paradoxes just annoy me. So in other words I'll try not to hate myself. And stuff...

    As for playing you, sure thing. How about 5am on Saturday? Make sure you've update both Gamespy and StarTopia before the set time.

    Mod Edit: As I don't want to contradict myself by making a post with no relation to match planning, I'll make hijack yours to make my OT comment. Personally, I think thats pretty sick you chose to join a clan with that name, clearly they are not actully nazi's, but still, it's just offensive and stupid. Why not just join clan [KKK]?

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    Since I can't hijack posts...yet I'll just have to make do with a new reply. So here it goes,

    Maybe instead of being short for Natso, its an anamgram for New Australian-Zimbabwe Initiates.

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    LOL, looks like I opened my mouth too soon AlphaOmaga (he PMed me on this and I thanked him for using his discretion and not bringing it up here).

    Look, I am not a Nazi. The other members of this clan are not Nazis. There is something to be said for context. Day of Defeat is a World War II modification for Halflife (the mod makes it similar to Medal of Honour: Allied Assault). This game features Allies and Axis soldiers facing it off through cities and beaches and where ever else. As far as my very limited knowledge on World War II goes (I've researched about operations Neptune and Overlord, but nothing on the other side), I thought that the Nazis and the Axis were pretty much the same thing. Most other people who play the game seem to feel that way because the only people who ever moan about the clan name are people who haven't played the game. Remember, taking things out of context WILL leave you with the wrong idea.

    There is a time and a place for everything (and if any of you ers bring up the holocaust, I will not be impressed.). There is a place where it is acceptable to be part of a clan called Nazi, and there is a proper place for further discussions on this topic. Instead of degenerating this forum into another fight, I would suggest that you bring any responses to me in the form of a PM. I will not responding to any more posts here on this matter, save for reminding you to PM if you wish to discuss it.

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    Hey Artic Wolf, you gonna play me on Saturday? If so, I've got work for one more hour than I originally thought, so it'll have to be a 6am GMT. You up for it?

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    I'm on hols from school until October.

    Current avaliblity stands at:
    After 4pm (GMT) on Sat and Sun
    After ~11pm (GMT) Weekdays (depends when i get up)

    This runs to anywhere from 10pm-1am (GMT) depending on when parents sleep (net servers in there room, they will turn it off )

    Oh, and sometimes I get short-notice shifts at work, so that's not 100% . Hopefully lots cos I need the cash.

    Around at that time? Send me a message for a game:
    AIM - DMA57361
    ICQ - 106640647
    MSN -

    Or I'll be in IRC, channel #clan-phear on

    Hope to play someone sometime - should be good fun.

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    Startopiafrance Guest
    My brother created a freeware for US!
    a GMT translator...

    Download it!

    installation instructions :
    1) Unzip the files in a folder.
    2) Don't delete a file.

    and use instructions :
    1) Open the command console or MS-DOS console.

    2) Go to the directory where you've unzziped the files.

    3) Type fuseau.exe

    4) Press enter.

    5) Again.

    6) Type hour and press enter.

    7) Type minutes and press enter.

    8) Type the GMT ( -11 for negative, 11 for positive) and press enter.

    9) Read!

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    Or if you already know your GMT offset... Count it on your fingers.

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    I'm up for a game. I live in Australia which could make it difficult. Midnight US-EST is 3:00pm here. So if I get up at 8:00am I could play someone in East US at 5:00pm.

    Ahh, who am I kidding. I've got a crappy Internet connection as it is, without the ping to America. Any Aussies interested?

    I don't know my IM username, but my e-mail address is:

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    Ok, I'm soliciting for games for:

    February 5 - February 28, 2003

    Tues & Fridays 8-10 pm EST
    Weekends (negotiable)

    Preferably non-combat games (that part isn't much fun to me, but I'm flexible).

    Interested: hit my profile and e-mail me.

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    sup im looking for some online multiplay. Preferably on the weekends, Eastern Time

    AIM: srwo0dm

    gamespy user: files_woo


    thx anyone who does... this game is too cool for it not to be played.

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    IF you want some cool online Startopia check out the Official League thread in the Community Chat area and go to this website:

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    hey ppl
    i havnt got broad band till not long ago
    thus i dunno how to set up game spy to play games onL with other ppl..........
    could some one post the method?

    also if u ahve msn messanger add me
    [Deleted by poster]

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    Well im mostly online from 12 to 2am GMT+1 im trying to let Gamespy active to be avaiable most of the time
    Just got back the fun of the game
    Would be glad for a game


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    Originally posted by GChang
    Well im mostly online from 12 to 2am GMT+1 im trying to let Gamespy active to be avaiable most of the time
    Just got back the fun of the game
    Would be glad for a game

    Sorry, multiplayer doesn't really work too well.

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    better a not 100% working Multiplayer than no Multiplayer


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