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Thread: Tutorials and Discoveries

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    Ok, but on average it's maybe about 290. I didn't know it was different on different PCs.

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    Does anyone know how to make the bolts of lightning that strike random places, but follow lara when she enters the room, and if she gets zapped, she fries? (think St Francis' Folly)
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    Just out of interest, is anyone having problems with CD tracks not playing? I found a solution but I want to know if anyone needs it

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    digging this age old thread up....

    i seem to have crashings when my flipped room number is greater than 103 (or somewhere around it). solution is to find a relatively simple room in your which has a room number smaller than 100 (don't try that on your room 0 as i am not sure anything will happen weird) and copy it. copy the lighting etc into the copied room and delete the original one (that is of course you have all room slots occupied and it already reached the 100 rooms limit) then connect the rooms again. that would give you an empty room number smaller than 100. keep doing that and (at least on mine) you will have crashes when you load your level and the flipmaps will work perfectly

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    how does the animating_mip works, i see those sentence in the script
    and in the level wad but how does it work with triggers.

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    AOD Mod Release Thread and Modding Tutorial

    I started a Mod Release Thread here.

    And also wrote a totorial on how to Mod Lara's skins in AOD here.

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