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Thief Forum FAQ's, Links and Archives

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    Greetings and Salutations fellow taffers! Click on the following:

    And you will have access to our extensive collection of Thief Reference Material, Thiefsie Web Links and various other related topics.

    The Eidos Thief Community has been putting these together from the moment the unsurpassed stealth masterpiece Thief:The Dark Project was first published, and we have been adding to them ever since.

    These priceless topics and reference materials are the collected works of many fellow Thief Players from the Eidos Thief Forum and elsewhere. They are brimming with Ingenious Ideas, Super Suggestions, Terrific Technical Help, Fantastic Feats of Thiefly Excellence, Gorgeous Galleries and Lots-o-Links to other great Thief-oriented web sites.

    What are you waiting for you taffer? Have a look!

    [A Note from The Management: I would like to thank all of the many people who contributed to this collection of Thiefly Goodness... you know who you are. In addition, I extend my personal gratitude to Thief Forum Moderator Peter Smith for his hours of time spent recreating our archives from the old forum and building the new web site version, and to Eidos' own robtech for his help in getting them uploaded and accessible on our New Forums - Many Thanks to all of you - Grey Mouser]

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  2. Wow that's nice and neat looking GM (We need a thumbs up smiley )

    Good Job to ALL involved