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Thread: Are The developers of TR5 Chronicle dead by not releasing the editor .

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    Are The developers of TR5 Chronicle dead by not releasing the editor .

    Hey, lol the title said almost all is there a particular reason that the editor made for tomb raider chronicle has never been released, while it's the exact same editor as tomb raider 4, except that only a few thing changed for tr5 like the portals and the ROOM structure, is there a little chance that you guys just drag&drop that on dropbox LOL.

    At the limit we can make entire Maps for tomb raider 5 using the "unofficial editor" but it's better to use the official tools that goes with the package like the documentation, all Object Code Bits and off course the tools used to merge object, textures, and why not add new sound in the game, .trc file format wasn't very well reversed or if it is, then there's not much tools.

    Thank you so much for releasing it for tomb raider 4 and somehow not the 5 while it's a little bit the same editor (you just changed a few things in the source code ...) would be wonderfull if it's compiled to run on windows 7 up to windows 10 !
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    Would be cool if you could make the fans happy once more We have the PSX SDK with half files so it's pointless...

    Guess what, i think it's due to the "map editor" "WAD" holding the graphics, and i believe that on the Winroomedit V0.51 (Tomb raider chronicle) this "normaly" compile the map with extra information like "collision" detection so "if the wire hit the water, in another room (portal)" Lara take damage only when being in the portal room (the one with the water on the floor) not taking damage from outside...

    Unbelievable that CoreDesign/Eidos (now SquareEnix) That they doesn't drag & drop this dumb "Tom2Pc","wadsfx","AnimEdit" just the set of tools to make those dumbass Wads/.trc level, There are more than 1600 Maps for tomb raider 4, But like 3-4 (completly garbage maps for TR5... due to the lack of tools/information)

    Please if you are an old Developer that worked on this game at least make it again possible that we can create level, with the engine of tomb raider 5 (got better graphics) there are a big bunch of cool things that are doable and Yeah when i'm bored i like to create level with advanced design, Got Damnit it's 16 Years Later ! Drag & Drop all of that on Dropbox and make the fans happy once again.

    VonCroy may hunt you for those files and remember: DOZY.
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