Thread: signs on outside walls

signs on outside walls

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    signs on outside walls

    Hi, I am incredibly frustrated by the fact that signs have to be inside the building to count. in all of the flashbacks and dreams the signs are on the outside of the walls and buildings have windows at 2 high which we cannot replicate, or like the store building with the tables instead of a wall.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter. please consider adding this functionality in a future update.

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    The signs having to be inside the room is because the game checks what is inside each room to determine what kind of room it is. Its illogical for us, but logical to how it works.
    Those windows can be made too, just not by the player in story mode. The villagers might make some and leave them in the chests inside the workshops or treasure rooms.
    The shops with a missing wall (which are throwbacks to the NES games, btw) can't be made, and those in the dreams probably don't count as "rooms" for the game.

    That said, i agree with what you said and i want all this in a sequel or something.