Dontnod it HAS to happen.

Ok let's get the initial worry out the way, Even if a direct sequel was a flop, Life is strange Season 1 would stand very well on its own.

Now onto why the next season HAS to be Max and Chloe.

The obvious true ending is the one where Chloe is sacrificed, For the mushy gamers, the full TRUE ending is when they Kiss as well. This ending is the best done and had much more work done to it.

Sacrificing arcadia bay feel meh in terms of polish

Both of those are 100% better. Dontnod you bailed there but that is my only criticism for the game on its own.

But lets assume that the sacrifice Chloe is the "true" ending.

I have many issues with this

- If Max is causing the storm due to her rewind then it's still coming as she just rewound again (And it was a biggie) This right here opens up another season, The storm is still comming, So Max says to hell with the universe and gets her friend back.

- If the storm is because Chloe is alive then that's bs, Why would a storm be after Chloe, Again this is another opening for a season 2, Find out why its after her and BEAT it.

- And the final and possibly the BIGGEST issue I have with it. What the writers have done to Max NO HUMAN on earth could live with that. Not a single person, Let alone an 18-year-old.

Reunited with your BFF after 5 years, GO on an adventure of a lifetime, solving a mystery. (Possibly fall in love) Go through literal hell and back, Witness ya BFF get shot/killed multiple times and save her. Then after all that go back to the beginning and sit by and watch ya friend get murdered 10 feet away even though you can save her.

Who thought that up, Really because there either an absolute genius, Or really really twisted (It's a fine line)

Now if anyone fancies a read

That's my take on what might happen in a season two its not perfect and not finished but ya know, It there.

And yes Dontnod you can use it, Just put my name on the credits, (A job would be awesome )

Bottom line

Max and Chloe MADE this game, There chemistry and the way they rub off each other is perfect. And in another light, they also make the perfect couple but that is never explored, Hella it only comes to true light RIGHT at the end when its all over, Such a bummer.

Fan fiction will only go so far.

Please dontnod seriously consider it, You would EASILY hit 50% of the sales of season 1 just on pre orders alone if you announced a season 2 with Chloe and Max.

I would put money on that.