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Thread: It's over.

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    It's over.

    - Sleeping Dogs is long dead.

    - Definitive Edition was a lazy cashgrab.

    - Triad Wars was a cool concept but ultimately a bad idea.

    - S&M was total garbage.

    - And as of today, UFG is officially closed.

    But really, the golden days have long gone, UFG's death is just the final nail in the coffin.

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    Cheerful, as always Random. I wish I lived in an alternate universe where they started making SD2 instead of Triad Wars. Instead I'm stuck in this one. Oh well, guess I'll go replay it again for the 8th time. Pork buns on me!

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    It's a shame United Front Games closed down. It seems there's not much room any more for games like Sleeping Dogs unless they sell at least 5 million copies minimum, which for a lot of games just isn't going to happen no matter how good they are. There's not much middle ground between indie games and big AAA games now.

    I lost all interest in Sleeping Dogs 2 when I read on Eurogamer's website that it was going to be a co-op game though. Are single-player only games like Sleeping Dogs 1 just not allowed any more?

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