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Thread: Missing dlc guns?

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    Missing dlc guns?

    Tomb raider on ps4 is said to include "ALL DLC" so... where are the Rattlesnake and Snowflake dlc weapons?

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    It comes out November 30th

    You also get a New Outfit in October 25th

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    Rattlesnake Revolver is not a DLC weapon, but a community reward. Rumor has it that it will come around again. I don't know anything about the "snowflake" weapon you're speaking of.

    (click image to enlarge)

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    Ohhh if it comes back that be cool and always up for a new outfit! The snowflake was aparently another community award a camo covered assault rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisdaventry View Post
    It comes out November 30th

    You also get a New Outfit in October 25th
    Oooh whats the outfit?
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    Rattlesnake is also missing on PC, btw. Other community rewards (the Harbinger, Blue Henley and Whiteout Jacket) were readily available on PS4 from launch, so I see no reason why Rattlesnake and Snowflake should have been left out.

    While at it, I really hope they haven't forgotten about the Rust Henley and Dark Tank Top outfits...

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