View Poll Results: Which DLC content did you like?

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  • Baba Yaga

    10 90.91%
  • Cold Darkness Awakened

    3 27.27%
  • Endurance mode

    6 54.55%
  • Blood Ties

    11 100.00%
  • Lara's Nightmare

    2 18.18%
  • Extra outfits (season pass choices)

    1 9.09%
  • Extra outfits (20th Anniversary classic choices)

    8 72.73%
  • Card system

    1 9.09%
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Thread: Which of the Rise DLC content did you like?

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    Which of the Rise DLC content did you like?

    Rise has quite an array of different DLC content and just wanted to know which ones people enjoyed and want to see similar again. Sorry If I missed any but I think I got the main ones.

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    I went for Yaga, Blood ties and Classic outfits. I love the classic attire and for the level I preferred the puzzle based ones and wasn't so keen on the ones that were mainly combat with zombies and all.

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    I'd be happy to see everything except the car system and co-op endurance again. I quite enjoyed single player endurance. Not too bothered about outfits/skins but it was nice to change outfits to gain different abilities.
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    I haven't tried Blood Ties fully yet. I really should get on that! But I have a feeling it'll be up there on my fave list. I'll vote when I have finished BT, but for now, Baba Yaga and Endurance mode are DLCs worth having. I only liked some of the outfits, the ones that look like clothes Lara could wear day to day adventuring. I really appreciate the classic skins for this one time release. CDA misses out because of the zombies, though I appreciate some people would like that. I did enjoy the puzzle element.

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    I really like Blood ties as I really made me have to think and wish some more similar style stuff was include in the main game. It was also awesome to see the manor again. I am not that big fan of score attack and endurance type modes so some of that wasn't my thing. I get too annoyed when I play for ages and die and have to start over. The cards I thought were okay but if it gets us manual grab then that is a good enough reason to bring them back.

    When it comes to the outfits the SP ones generally lacked a bit of femininity so didn't appeal to me but the 20th Anniversary outfits totally redeemed things and the AOD one especially I thought was great. The classic attire served as a real silver lining for the long wait for Rise. I hope the classic skins isn't just a one off though and I have fingers very tightly crossed that we see some retro outfits as a regular feature. Some attire choices with more style along he lines of the 20th anniversary ones is the kind of thing that I really want to see them bring for the third game in the trilogy.
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    blood ties for me. was nice exploring with some solid puzzles and easter eggs.
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    I went for all the puzzle based ones as I felt they were a lot more fun than the more combat based stuff and that is where I would like to see them put more focus. The 20th Anniversary were more exciting but the season pass ones containing a few too many recolours rather than fresh choices for my liking.

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    Baba Yaga it's a amazing DLC!

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    I like the more puzzle focused ones like Baba Yaga, Blood ties and Endurance was a lot of fun. The classic outfits was a nice touch and bought a bit more of familiarity. With the zombies CDA seemed to balance it well with strategy while Lara's Nightmare isn't really my thing.

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    I just got the game a week ago. Loved it. Finished my first playthrough and did it on Survival difficulty. That was great.

    Baba Yaga is my favorite DLC. It had a mix of everything (except unfortunately no new tomb). Blood Ties was interesting but it needed a little something more imho. I do not like the zombie-related ones at all. I'm just so tired of zombies and the combat was just endless.

    Endurance. I want to like endurance, but I haven't had a good experience yet. The concept is good, but imho the hunger meter drops so fast it takes all the fun out of it. I played the tutorial three times and I have never once even found an animal, and this with the skill that highlights them. Spent an hour between those play sessions running around picking berries with Lara complaining about hunger the entire time, until I died. Unfortunate too that only one area is used. I really don't think I'll try it again.

    I'd love to see another game built upon what is here. It's fantastic. Tweak the Endurance Mode definitely.
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