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Thread: Changes that I think are needed in Endurance

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    Changes that I think are needed in Endurance

    I'm just going to get right into what I think Endurance needs desperately

    1. Better AI for enemies across the board. Not because I think it is easy but because aggression is all screwed up. If a wolf attacks a trinity soldier and I am in the vicinity the wolf will stop attacking the soldier and head directly for me. Because it drew the aggro of the soldiers they will follow the wolf and then attack me. It makes stealth gameplay more difficult and annoying. Also cards like Kain where you get food on melee takedown are made less efficient because animals can ruin the chance of stealth killing humanoid enemies.

    2. Human enemies will not attack wild predatory animals unless first provoked by the animal

    3. I don't know if this is a "days survived" sensitive interaction but I would receive very little rifle ammo (and ammo in general) from human enemies (1-2 bullets even with the skill to get more from enemies) during the first 5ish days. However, once deathless started spawning, both trinity soldiers and deathless started dropping 7-12 rounds when being looted. This isn't really a change I'm looking for just a confirmation of how this ammo drop mechanic works.

    4. When we pick up a weapon from an enemy it should not replace our current weapon. If I pick up the military assault rifle for the first time but already have the bolt action equipped it should not replace my bolt action. It's annoying to have to find a campfire just to swap weapons back.

    5. Ability to choose our outfits without needing a card. Since leveling is not that difficult in Endurance I usually don't run an outfit card. So I have been forced to play with the new Antarctic explorer (the orange jacket one) outfit and I don't know how to change the default outfit for endurance. If that is even an option? Maybe an option to choose outfits that have no outfit bonuses without using a card? I'd like to look at something else without needing to use a card slot. Another option is have a 6th card slot (a 3rd for each co op partner) that can ONLY have 0% outfit cards put into them.

    EDIT: A suggestion beyond just endurance: make it so we can only see one card of one type instead of multiple cards of one type. Or have a card have a little x3 or x2 at the bottom to indicate how many of the cards we have left. It is obnoxious that we have to scroll through over 200 cards sometimes to find the one we want.

    Open to other suggestions/comments.
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