Thread: Some ratings on CM17?

Some ratings on CM17?

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    Lightbulb Some ratings on CM17?

    After a long long time I've finally found my account on this forum and now I have some questions about the new rating system on CM17.
    Ratings have been changed quite a lot since the last game. But I still feel unhappy about some of them. Right now, I've only played 4 seasons with Al-Hilal and just started an Arsenal series, so I havent seen a lot of unfair ratings, but there's still some.
    - Nacho Monreal - 74 rating. One of the best LB's in PL, still worse than Schmelzer from BVB (80 rating)
    - Laurient Koscielny - 79 rating. He was in PL's TOTS last season, yet to be better than Kompany (84), who cant even play a game without getting injured.
    - Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez - 86 and 84 rating. Both smashed last season. Ozil's assists and Sanchez's goals was vital on Arsenals last season "almost great season". But they are worse that Eden Hazard (85), who didnt get a single goal last season. Okay, Ozil is better, but just a little bit.
    - Arsenals midfield - Francis Coquelin (74), Granit Xhaka (77), Mohamed Elneny (73) and Santi Cazorla (80). Coq and Santi was a first team mids for all last season, but the rating is realy unfair compared to other players on that kinda rating. Shoul be at least 78 for Coq and 82 for Santi. Same goes for Elneny- 3rd choice mid, played a lot but only 73. And Xhaka- absolutely first team choice! Banging longshots left, right and center. Should be 80+
    - Suarez n Neymar 87 - probably the best ST and 2nd best LW in the world, but below 90? Unfair.
    - Ivanocic - 80 rating. He was a pile of garbage last season, still one of the best DR's in the game. For example, Hector Bellerin- best DR in PL last season - only 77.
    - Lukaku, Ibra, Okazaki, De Bruyne, Mkhitaryan, Smalling, Aubameyang, Boateng&Hummels, Alaba, Thiago, Lewandowski, Juanfran, Rakitič, Krychowiak&Matuidi all also have too low rating compared to others.

    The list could go on and on, if I would look at each tem.
    So what's the point of me making this thread?
    1. Write your unfair ratings in coments so hopefully Square Enix listens and upgrades/downgrades some peoples.
    2. Please, please Square Enix. Ask the people or hire people, who knows what rating to give. I could give you a rating advice for free on next CM. So the ratings would be fair for most players.
    P.S. Sorry for bad english.
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