Dwelling on the lack of localization news for any of the DQMs is getting me down. Wanting to convey the hope for localizations, or even Virtual Console releases of the GBC titles, but feeling a little paralyzed by the clear message on the SE contact page of "PLEASE don't send us unsolicited ideas/pleas for games." Gonna try and focus on the good.

Did anyone else end up with someone in the game they could always count on? A monster or two you got really attached to? For me it was a Madmirror +21 named Refl, and a Goldslime +21 named Jr. The former was the team mom, and the latter the big dumb lovable bruiser (in my head, at least). They stuck with me for more than half of the game, and even though I did try and get all the boss monsters in my stable, I couldn't imagine switching the dynamic duo out or breeding and losing them.

It's a little funny--letting them make their own decisions in battle and consistently seeing them protect each other and make the right choices might have led to a weird form of trust? I probably anthropomorphized them too much, but I was a kid and they felt real.

Anyhow. I'd be happy to hear about more solid bonds and memories.