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Thread: AOD on PS2

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    AOD on PS2

    I just wondered what the controls are like on the PS2 version. Are they OK?
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    They're weird, but if you were able to figure out the original games' controls, you should be able to figure out The Angel of Darkness'.

    You move with the left analog stick. You press up, Lara goes up; press down, Lara turns around and goes the opposite way. But by pushing the left stick a little, Lara can still rotate like if you pressed left/right in the older games. And if you push it halfway, she'll walk. You really have to get the new rotation controls to be able to understand crawling. (Not commando crawling though, that works alright with the left stick.)

    I really want to make a video on how to play AoD on PS2 since it's interesting, but I don't have the means at the moment...

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