Dear Square Enix,
I have been a long time fan and supporter of the Kingdom Hearts series. I have been playing for around 13 years now. I have bought and beaten every Kingdom Hearts game and I plan to do the same for the Unchained mobile version. So what I say comes from a strong feeling of love for a series I care for deeply and I just wanna know my voice and the voice of others is being heard and that we matter more than a easy cash grab.

I was hoping I could highlight key differences between the Japanese vs the North American version of this game. How it adds to the feeling of xenophobia that we sometimes feel from Japan in general. E.g The final mix games coming years later they were already released in Japan.

1st difference Premium medals in the Japanese version have voice clips to them. North American medals do not. I am not sure if it's because you would need to compensate voice actors or go through loops to be able to use the audio file but in a Free to play pay and win game like this we give a ton of money and we would like it to partly be used to improve the game instead of getting partial leftover with text translations from the Japanese version.

2nd difference Mickey and Brooms, a way to upgrade medals, is gone from the North American version making us spend an exorbitant amount of money in comparison to Japan. Widening the gaps in ranked to who can afford to spend 1000 dollars to guilt one premium medal.

3rd difference Smaller amounts of jewels given in daily rewards compared to Japan and less jewel bonuses in general.

There are more differences but the biggest one I care about is the voice clips . If you have to spend more then an actual Kingdom Hearts game to have a good chance to get these medals then it then why can't I get vocal clips. I love kingdom hearts and I wish this game success.