I know the release of this game was a while ago but its still a game of the current console plattform and it still sells.

When new people buy that game and figure out that the multiplayer is actually broken its unacceptable.

Played the game yesterday and 6 out of 7 multiplayer games crashed.

1. Crash while Loading screen between rounds or before the first round even started. -> you are sent back to main menu. Maybe its a host imigration problem when the host leaves.

2. extreme ingame lags. I didnt played any game without enormes lags that made it impossible to kill people. In some game people just stand infront of each other shooting on the enemy all their ammo but nobody lost health.
The player search should not put people together from the other side of the earth. the connections quality should be nearly the same.

3. Not finishing round bug. After one team reached 25 Points the game just didnt end.

4. Allways the same maps bug. 4 of 7 games I was in the same map when searching for a new game. Its allways the burning village. I miss the forest or shrine map. Whats wrong here?

Please at least fix the most game affecting bugs. The game should be glory part of TR history and not a peace of bugged software.