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Thread: McGuyver challenge (No rewind when possible) :)

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    McGuyver challenge (No rewind when possible) :)

    Finally i got time to play the game.

    In this playthrough I'm trying to find what we can do without Max's rewind skills.
    Had to do plenty of retries with the old fashion time travel of loading and check points.

    - What photos we can take
    - What disasters we can solve, surprisingly a lot of major events can be done if Max is smart and fast enough to do it without her powers like McGuyver as she keeps saying.

    I try to avoid pointless flyer readings, except in people's room to help familiarise our selves with the people we're talking to.
    Dialogue flow is smooth as i cut out the choosing part as I always do with games that don't show the options before their speech is over.

    Please share your thoughts in this either here or the comments below the video on YouTube.

    Also thanks in advance for watching, leaving a like or sharing with ur friends.

    Episode 1: Chrysalis

    Episode 2: Out of Time
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    Here are the three episodes already uploaded & a Summary of all puzzles solvable without Rewind, only if ur fast enough to do it.

    No Rewind challenge

    Episode 1: Chrysalis

    Episode 2: Out of Time

    Episode 3: Chaos Theory

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    I've finally finished the game with minimum rewind as possible.
    I'm glad to see how many photos we can get and people we can save without using rewind.

    To ensure the results are genuine, I had to reload the game (game's traditional time travel)
    Had to repeat a few times to get some photos on time and get nice angles of events that may miss out if we're looking elsewhere.

    Sadly there's no alternate ending where we use rewind less and avoid the storm naturally and save both Chloe and the town...

    I'm looking forward or 'backwards' to Before the storm to play as Chloe.
    Since she don't have powers, maybe I'll make her as a nice goodie person.

    Episode 4: The Dark Room

    Episode 5: Polarised

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