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thief 2014 question

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    thief 2014 question

    I've always been a huge thief fan but I've been so busy I'm just now getting around to playing the most recent thief, always on master though. My question is the area outside of the clock tower do I need to completely loot the whole area before I go to bassos or will the loot still be there later in the game. It's been a few years since deadly shadows and there are a lot of new things in this one it's definitely more realistic and challenging in many ways. I'm still annoyed I only got 90% of the loot in the starting area. Also is there someone that lists how much loot is in each area but not the locations it seems they took out the counter I remember telling me how much loot I've found and how much is left in an area.


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    There are various obtainable pieces of loot in between formal missions in the City hub that you can obtain. Some can only be stolen once for the duration of the game, some respawns (usually coin purses on guards and civilians), and often times there will be new pieces of loot after a mission.

    Best recommendation is still whatever you can find and scout locations between missions as you play to see where new loot items may have popped up. I tend to "make rounds" between missions to look for any new cash I can scrape together.
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