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Thread: Anyone else unable to save custom contracts?

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    Anyone else unable to save custom contracts?

    As the title says. I only get "there was an error while saving the contract"

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    But doesn't happen to me on ps4.
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    Im on PC

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    Yes. I can confirm that yesterday (August 9) around 2 P.M. (Pacific) that I was unable to save a custom contract. I am on PS4.

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    I just discovered this issue only after spending like two hours working on making a contract. I finally got it done, wrote up a nice description, then what do ya know, I can't publish it.

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    I was watching a twitch streamer the other day and saw that he couldn't publish a contract he created. There was a discrepancy. One of the objectives was blank. His weapon option had no info. And when he tried to save, he was unable to.

    Do you guys have both disguise and kill weapon options filled in? Or is 1 or both blank? Video or even a photo would be nice.
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    Yes, I'd love to know some more details on the contract you're trying to save but doesn't work. Would be very helpful.

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    As TheBikingViking mentioned, getting as many details as possible along with bug reports usually allows us to track down the cause of the problem sooner. If you come across this issues, please do continue to provide details.

    With that said, we believe we have a fix that we'll be able to bring live for the update on the 16th. Additional verification and testing is currently taking place.

    Thank you all for reporting the issue, and for your patience while we work to resolve it.
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    Yes, me too. I reported it in the Bugs Thread. Here's a screenshot:

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    It seems like this is occurring for a small number of players, but we are quite confident that this will auto-resolve itself once the game update goes live on Tuesday, alongside the release of Bangkok. So please bear with us for these next few days, those of you affected, until it's resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    same happened with me. :/

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