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Thread: [spoilers] Were some elements on the plot direction changed in Episode 5?

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    [spoilers] Were some elements on the plot direction changed in Episode 5?

    Hey, this has been bugging me since replaying the game and immersing myself in the all the investigations by fans that took place in between waits for episodes. I remember whilst initially playing the game I had developed a certainty about where the plot was taking us, all the research and symbology within the game pointed at something greater going on than one guy taking creepy pictures of girls in a bunker, but one thing has gripped me upon replaying. It's this:

    There's subtle hints that Jefferson is not the guy in charge of this whole thing throughout, the main thing that sticks out to me is the phone call in Episode 2. It's clearly shady, he can't talk about it in the hall way because people will overhear him, it's something blatantly suspicious, but we find out in Episode 5 that it was Jefferson pulling the strings all along, nobody else was involved except Nathan and Jefferson was just using him, Nathan didn't have full knowledge of everything going on.

    Now back to that phone call, we know for a fact that it's not Nathan on the other end because he's chatting away to Victoria in the next room. It's not Rachel, she's dead and had been for a while... so who is it? I always thought it was Sean Prescott. It was strongly hinted that he was involved. He was being name dropped all season about controlling the police and they'd never act against the Prescott family for fear of what Sean Prescott would do, which was why we didn't go to them for anything in the first place, but as it turns out the police arrest Nathan if he shoots Chloe and he doesn't get away with anything, they're not protecting him at all.

    Sean Prescott was the one who got Mark Jefferson his job at Blackwell Academy as well, so they definitely knew each other well and yet Mr. Jefferson remarks that it's his link with Nathan that allowed him access to the Prescott's wealth, never mind that Nathan being as unstable as he is, would never be allowed access to the family fortune to build something as a million dollar storm shelter.

    It's even Sean Prescott who pays for the Vortex Club parties, not Nathan, he doesn't trust Nathan with the money for a school party, you think he's going to have access to the millions of dollars needed to build a bunker and populate it with equipment? When Chloe threatens him in Episode 1 saying he has "hella cash" Nathan replies with "That's my family, not me."

    The "Stormbreaker" bunker was paid for by Sean Prescott, the evidence for that is ingame in the Dark Room, there's even letters FOR Sean Prescott IN the Dark Room. Why would they be there if he had not been in there himself?

    So I think they definitely did a rewrite of the plot for Episode 5. It seemed like they were heading for some dark ritualistic satan worship illuminati stuff (illuminati symbols throughout entire game as well) and that Sean Prescott was going to be very involved in the story but then they changed their minds for whatever reason and did a rewrite.

    Did anybody else have this same feeling?

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    I do feel this, It's obvious from the start that Max is NOT to blame for the storm, And Chloe living or dieing also has nothing to do with it.

    Just look at the endings it's obviouse

    Ending 1 Kill Chloe

    Max rewinds to the moment she took the shot, But she had the vision of the storm BEFORE anything else happend, For that to happen either

    a: She was given the vision and the power to fix it.

    b: She somehow rewinds to that exact spot and loses her memory......REALLY The only time anything like this happens is right at the start as after she see's Chloe getting shot. Every other time, time rewinds AROUND her.

    Ending 2 the bay

    Big swirly death ball created by Max's power goes after the bay instead of Max.....

    Big swirly death ball created becasue Chloe is alive....ignores her and GOES after the Bay

    Conclusion the STORM IS HOMMICIDAL.

    Max can Pause time, she did it to save Kate, Difficult to figure out witch one takes more of a toll, But if the storm was created because max rewound time then that there is LOOP hole.

    Go back and just FREEZE time, remove Nathans gun and carry on, No rewinds no storm.

    I think everyone who has played the game, When it comes to the final choice if it was reality would either

    - Let the Bay take the storm, Not everyone will Die, And the thing about Chloe mum, Any parent would want there child to survive even if it cost them theres.

    - Go back and just freeze time, Or find another way (Walk out the bathroom and "bump" into Chloe and tell her that Nathan has a gun. Hay look no rewind.

    So many plot holes but thats time travel....

    Whats the betting dontnod are wanting to avoid a season 2 with Chloe and Max because time travel makes it a bit hard (It really isn't they just have to set themselves some rules and not break them.

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