There is much of things i`d like to talk about, on how to improve game(s) of this series, but this topic alone will be pretty big(and knowing me, heated), and i know hate of forums people aimed toward reading.

Anyway, pick up your big boy glassess

First of all- what i am about to tell you is written from perspective of person who loves melee weapons, thus wants to learn as much as he(what the hell, why am i talking about me in 3rd person???) as he can. Both theory and real techniques. And one of the reasons i choose "Legacy of Kain" is because i saw main heroes swinging all king of sharp steel objects. So when person like me see another example of "how not to make swords, and how not to fight with them" in game, he likes, well, we have a ideas on how to improve that.

Second- just because i criticize something, does not mean i hate all that game represents. So don`t you go ape just because you felt i`m attacking your favourite thing. Be logical and do try to put yourself in my position, rather than make me be put in yours.

Third- i know why cretian elements were implememnted in game- combat sytem for example- because of technological restrictions, or because game would become too complex, or other reasons, i don`t want to think about right now

Fourth- explenation- "it`s magic" is stupid and very child like. "I killed you because i say so" screams one brat to another, prettending that they shoot each other- and that how i fell like, when someone throws magic at me as some kind of "beat all" self explaning rule

So to the point: Legacy of Kain, as far as weapons and armor are concerned, jumps back and forth from perfectly usable designs to simply ridiculous, oversized, unlogical things that belong rather in some stupid fantasy game where short elvs with pointy ears run around after fairies. We have mainly usable designs in "Soul Reaver" and "Defiance"- with exceptions of Rahabim and Zephonim spears and forearm blades on Feral Humans(i`m not going into this maul carried around by ovesized vampire hunter), through half-and-half in "Soul Reaver 2"- completly fine weapons like vampire hunters hallebarde, sarafans spears and swords, and undeads scimitars, up to things like this vampire hunters dussac-cleaver-machete thingy, air temple hallebarde or darkness temple spear that looks stupid as hell. All the way to "Blood Omen 2" where weapons are... there is not enough insults i could throw at them . They are oversized both in thickness and breadth, they break like glass after very short usage, and they go hand in hand with one of the most stupid armor designs i ever saw(you know which ones i`m thinking about). Do any person making that weapons ever thought for what purpose and how weapons are used? About only two weapons i saw in game, that look like they should are thievs daggers and smugglers sabres.

But all this must stand in awe and back down before crown achivement of this half baked attitude, that doesn`t know in what direction it goes, full oversized fantasy weapons, or more grim and real arsenal- Soul Reaver itself. We have everything in this sword. We have both mainly usable design along with stupid choices that made sword look "cool" but less practical than other simple blades. In it`s material form we have flamberge-ish something, akin to longsword. And in it`s "broken free" form we have pata or katar like thingy looking like some kind of rip off from light sabres(that also are stupid in thier design).

So let`s go with Blood Reaver/Soul Reaver in it`s sword form. No pommel- no counterweight- that means it is a cutting blade. That means- fast slash, but slow recover... Katana much? Or two handed axe? So why shape like that? If you want it to cut better you go with curved blade. Or if you want saw like flamberge- you go with smal curves, and lots of them, not two or three snake-zig-zags that would only make cutting more difficult- only thing opponet would have to do is step in, and take "outward" curve on his/hers breast plate- blade would glance off on itself, leaving user open. Thrust would be even more difficult. Only tip could go inside armor gaps, rest of this lightning like sword would just stuck on itself, requireing enough force to go through, to launch stabbed person in the air, before cutting plates of armor. I`m guessing that is not what user would want. And that is, if thrust would go in the armor gaps- zig-zag blade would, because how strenght is distributed, just slide off target on itself. Then the hilt. Yes it makes sword look badass, yes it makes it look unique. But it also has more than one problem. Skull thingy could defend hands from sword sliding down on Reaver blade, but that is still unnecessary weight. Two side rings, or one small shell plate would do just fine in that regard. Double crossguard- i could also use weight argument, but if not for skull thingy, it could be used to catch and immobilize opponent blade, so let`s leave at that.

So we have a sword that is usable, but it is still inferior to naything else. Way to go Ancients- way over 1000 years of civilization and that was the design you came up with?

And Pata-like Soul Reaver. Now i`ll speak heresy to many people- i actually preferred Defiance, normal sword look, than it`s previous incarnations. Patas are hindu weapons, famous for thier thrust strenght(hand deliver it in a "punch" position- more anatomicaly correct), and very nice, side to side slashes(again, no need to change hand position, only move hips). But: if that design were superior, don`t you think everyone would use it? And we only have them used by indians. Because they are crappy weapons without off hand weapon or parrying device. Why? When you have sword in hand, to change direction of attack, or give opponent small, bleeding "tap", you only need to use small movement of wrist, that really make weapon move fluidly. In pata case- your arm, up to elbow is locked in one position, making it less versitale in combat, and very unforgiving should your opponent catch your blade. I know, that Raziel can retract his sword, but it is nontheless less "movable" than normal sword. And up to Defiance Material Reaver do not possess any kind of hand protection. Vampire or no- pain is pain.

I`d also like to point i complete lack of fall-back weapon in case of our vampires. You could argue, that they have claws, but whats the armor for? Not even a knife or a dagger. You have no idea how much simple short blade can change a fight...

And last thing: what is this aversion of vampires toward projectile weapons? You can jump on bulidnings, you can climb them, you run faster and longer than any human, you train in hand to hand combat and melee weapons, but picking stupid javelin, or crossbow is above you abilities?