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Thread: Would you say Coded goes with the story of KH or is it its own thing?

Would you say Coded goes with the story of KH or is it its own thing?

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    Coded seemed like its own story to me. From what I remember I don't think it ties with the series which isn't a problem. Would you need to play to understand the series and were it's going so far?

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    Pretty much everything but the secret ending was of no significance to the series' story. It built off of a certain event in Kingdom Hearts II, creating and resolving its own conflict over the course of the game.

    The secret ending:

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    Yeah I bet my friends that nothing significant that happened in Coded will ever be brought up again in future installments and none of them took me up on it lol.

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    The one significant thing coded brought to the table is the notion that Roxas and Xion are no longer content being part of Sora, and want to be their own people again. Other than that, it's just fun gameplay and explaining why Jiminy's journal didn't get fixed after CO

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    The ending was relevant but other than that I don't think is. Though it's nit a bad game

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    Originally Posted by Pocamantis
    Yeah I bet my friends that nothing significant that happened in Coded will ever be brought up again in future installments and none of them took me up on it lol.
    wait wait wait a minute...what do u mean they want to be thier own people agagn??

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    I think that the gameplay was probably some of the best (building off of the battle system in BBS).

    BUT the story really wasn't very necessary. I mean it kind of ties up a few loose ends and then, as has been said, also sets up the next games in the ending.

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    Originally Posted by Miles
    Coded seemed like its own story to me. From what I remember I don't think it ties with the series which isn't a problem. Would you need to play to understand the series and were it's going so far?
    I just beat Re:Coded. I is sad :/

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    I didn't get much of the story Coded had to offer, only in the end it set up all of the characters for 3D, including Roxas, Xion, Axel, Ven, Aqua, and Terra. nothing much other than that.

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    I thought of Re:coded as just a way for the series to tie off the events of CoM and to set up for 3D. In those respects, I think it did a pretty good job.

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    coded was generally just aiming to be a purely fun and enjoyable game, which I think it accomplished rather successfully. The way I see it, as much as I loved the game as a whole, the story is just a bonus. What's really the star here is the gameplay. I found incorporating a TWEWY element into the game with during cutscenes was a refreshing break from the speech bubbles and character icons. The various styles of gameplay was in my opinion, ingenius. Well, actually I may be completely biased in that regard as I can really appreciate games that are able to utilize elements unfamiliar to its roots in such an enjoyable way.

    To answer the question though, yeah, I'd say it does go along with the story, perhaps minimally, but it does succeed in that field.

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    I enjoyed Re:Coded as a game to play, and while seeing a Digital Sora angsting was a bit amusing, the main story relevance I found was just with the ending to set up for KH:3D.

    I mean, it wasn't the real Sora or Riku we dealt with, so I felt Re:Coded was more like a "what if". Er, sort of xD

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    Other than the end the only thing that may make an appearence in the future, in my opnion, is Sora's heartless. The Nightmare that appears at the end of the DDD trailer can be it, or not. It was a fun game, though.

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    I thought of it as a bridge from kh2 to kh3d, Kinda like Com. I find it very important to the series, unlike Days

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    in a way all of the games are important to the story, they explain several events and are very well connected; i observed com as a bidge to kh 2 and also an introduction to organization XIII,and namine. 358/2 days tells a deeper part in roxas's past as a member in organization XIII and show's axels connection to sora,as well in bbs, he became friends with ventus who's heart is within sora's ,just as well as eraqus's is in terra's, xion looks like namine,and aqua just saying, and coded reveals deeper evidence to sora and riku's friendship,but in speaking of the big picture, it hints that there are those connected to sora who are hurting and are in need of his aid, ddd: example one yen sid is a former keyblade master who is retired, there are seven worlds asleep in deep slumber,as xehenort dwells within one of them; ex 2: kairi and aqua in birth by sleep unintentionally prformed the inheritance ceremony, aqua's keyblade lit up. ex 3: there is a cutscene in dream drop distance that shows xion leading sora somewhere,and he asks her where, she stops in place briefly and they look at eachother at this part xion turns into namine. ex 4: the symbol of the dream eaters,and the symol of the unversed,see any relevance to all of them yet? what about the mysterious young xehenort posessed by vanitas?

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    Personally I feel that Re:Coded is important to the overall series, but not so much worth the time. It was the only game that I had to force myself to finish, and the only KH that I didn't get the secret ending myself. I feel the leveling system was a pain and difficult to work with as well as the lack of drawing you into the story was low in standards compared to the other games in the series. I know a lot of people who agree with me that this would be the Kingdom Hearts that should have never been, the things it told could have been fit in somewhere else really, Square has been trying to fit to much into the series while adding fluff story. The thing I will say though is I'm happy it's the third one that's next, and not more extra, I'm a devoted fan, and even I'm getting sick of all the extra stuff on systems that a lot of people still need to buy.

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    Lol essentially it only explains the letter that the party receives at the end of KHII and shows you how Mickey got the info to write that letter anyway XD I guess it also just was there to show you what was up with the journal in Chain of Memories when it got "erased" in Castle Oblivion. Re:Coded was there to show you that the information was still there and Sora and Riku can use it in KH3 to do cool stuff *shrug*

    EDIT: Also I'm really forgiving for Re:Coded as it's original purpose was to have a fun episodic Kingdom Hearts game that you downloaded on your cellphone, kinda like how the original purpose of Chain of Memories was just "Wouldn't it be cool and fun to play KH on a game boy?" I'm much more forgiving with fun portable games than console games ^^;

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    Coded is in itself a canon story because of the fact that the real world was effected and it was the event that caused mickey to write his letter to Sora and Riku leading to Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. So.....YES.

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    no... I didnt think this game needed any attention. I played it set it down after i beat it in 2 days picked it up again to unlock everything set it down dissappointed after a months time while ALL the other games in the series im still playing cuz im having fun this one sits in my desk never touched....sigh...made ne skiddish on buying 3d but i did it to prove the story still wroth it and Dream drop was .... at best this is a paragraph in the overall script... ya glance at it and move on

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    coded is a filler game to explain what happened after kingdom hearts 2 and before kingdom hearts dream drop distance (if you didnt already know that)

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    @ Jason, I knew it was between KH2 and Dream Drop but i still dont think it was needed... The Datascape needed to be "Derezzed" .... Data sora, data riku, and data roxas all can go data bye-bye ... the enemy Soras data heartless was just dumb.... the only data I need is on Star Trek

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    Really at this point in the series. Coded was not needed.... the most it was for was to reveal what was inside Mickey's letter from the ending of KH2. Which it did, as well as show how he obtained it. What people forget though is that Maleficent and Pete did get stuck inside of the Data-scape, that the data-scape contains the data of more worlds then those visited within the first game, and that it is refered to a few times within 3D's story.

    The first mention of it within 3D comes when Maleficent and Pete kidnap Minnie, wanting the data-worlds for her own to rule given she had numerous failures with their real counterparts. And it is mentioned again when Young Xehanort is talking with Sora about his many trips through Traverse Town.

    So while as of right now it is largely unimportant overall and can be skipped without missing a beat, since 3D does go back over its events. Given the fact two different villains made notes of it, it will probably come to play a larger part in another story entirely outside the current Dark Seeker Arc. Likely within the world of the datascape itself

    A few other things it does it that Sora had memories in him that dont belong to him, most likely refering to Ven.

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    well Ven, Namine, Xion, Roxas all their memories and experiences are there...Coded wasnt really needed.... i said it before... lol

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    The only purposes of Coded were to close up all the loose ends of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and to set up for Kingdom Hearts 3D and Kingdom Hearts 3. I consider Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded to be the sequel to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and it can be played immediately after playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts: CoM at any time with minimal spoilers, though Kingdom Hearts 2 might be good to play before it as well, just to get a sense of when it's taking place. The story is completely necessary, as it explains Mickey's letter at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 and why Kingdom Hearts 3D is happening. Also, Maleficent has big plans for the Datascape that is probably going to be put into play during Kingdom Hearts 3, as we never really did find out why she was so adamant about stealing the World Data from Mickey in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

    Coded is in no way a "filler game," as the Kingdom Hearts series has no fillers. It is, however, the only entry in the series one could reasonably skip without missing too much story, as all of it is explained in Kingdom Hearts 3D. However, I don't know why you would want to. Re:Coded is an impossibly fun game to play. The combat and platforming are some of the best in the series, if you can exclude Data-Sora's auto ledge jump.

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