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Thread: Would you say Coded goes with the story of KH or is it its own thing?

Would you say Coded goes with the story of KH or is it its own thing?

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    well it was the DIrect sequal to Kingdom hearts 2 in the overall plot to explain the letter.... but still i didnt enjoy it NO where near as much as the other games... i dont think i said it was a "filler" but i dont think it was nessery overall... it seemed like i could easily skipped it and not miss very much unlike ANY of the other in 3D it took what? 3 sentances for pete to explain the overall game?

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    Yeah, this is the only reasonably skippable game in the series, though I'd still advise playing it to get the completely unbroken Kingdom Hearts timeline. At least until maleficent reveals what she plans on doing with the World Data in the next game that is. You never said it was a filler, most of these posts I'm doing are responses to everyone who has ever posted on these threads. And while it was a direct sequel to two, none of the events of 2 were ever spoiled, which is why I say that this game could be played without having played 2 if you wanted. And I didn't enjoy it too mcuh myself, it's the only game in the series I've only played once. It was seriously fun the first time through though. It was just so refreshing. The command melding was easier for me to use than in Birth by Sleep, the commands were cooler looking and had funny descriptions, and the Panel System was easier than in 358/2 days. The fact that there was about 15 minutes of actual original plot to the game is what makes it one of my bottom three.

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    eh BbS was one of my favs cuz you played 3 Diffrent heroes though 3 diffrent stories! ......Cinama hound too i just sit back be all like ohh yeah watching my PSP... but yeah re coded stays at my least.... but by NO means a terrible game!!! i want to set that RIGHT NOW..... KINGDOM HEARTS CAN DO NO EVIL!!... It tried with the dreameaters but thats a diffrent story for a diffrent thread

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    Agreed. My order for favorite games are:

    1. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Gameplay/Story: 10/10

    2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Gameplay/Story: 9/10

    3. Kingdom Hearts 1 - Gameplay/Story: 8/10

    4. Kingdom Hearts 3D - Gameplay/Story: 9/9

    5. Kingdom Hearts 2 - Gameplay/Story: 7/10

    6. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Gameplay/Story: 5/10 & Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded: 10/5

    Birth by Sleep is my favorite because it had by far the best gameplay and the best story. And because I cried like the baby when I finally unlocked Blank Points.

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    Well mine as follows

    1. Kingdom hearts 2 .... GP/S 10/9

    2. BBS GP/S 9/10

    3. Chain 7/9

    4. 358/2 days 8/8

    5. 3D 8/8

    6.Re:coded 7/5

    358 isnt tied with 3D cuz i loved xion and Roxas chacter devopment more then Riku and Sora which had more in Chain

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    Seems like a good list to me! Where would Kingdom Hears 1 fall?

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    ok knock everything below #2 down im on a sleeping pill about to crash

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    You should probably sleep! It's morning where I am so I'm just waking up.

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    morning here too i work nights!

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    My opinion about Re:Coded is still the same, but I'm glad they brought it over in English. When it first got announced as a mobile title in Japan, I was miffed. A canon game story out of reach really annoyed me. So when it got ported to DS and then released in English (even though it ended up being a small part of the series) it shut me up, lol.

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    Coded / Re:Coded always felt like a "lost chapter" to me. For one, its reconnecting various threads explored but in a "what if" design. However the build up plot wise make it closely knit as a "Tron" mini-verse that is very well manipulated but has significant consequences to the main thread. I am even more fascinated if we might explore another but within KH3

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