Thread: More mobile games in the west?

More mobile games in the west?

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    More mobile games in the west?

    I was really sad to find out that in May, SE discontinued some games such as earlier Chaos Rings games for ios, and I finally was able to purchase an ipad in June...just missed it by a month.

    After playing the first Chaos Rings years ago before it was discontinued from US PSN mobile, I've wanted to play the other titles ever since. I found out the games are still around for Android OS, so I spent another 300 dollars on an android-based tablet, and was able to download Chaos Rings II but not the earlier games unfortunately. Then I found out that I could play the first game and Omega on a Fire tablet, so I just spent another 200 dollars to get that tablet as well. Fortunately Chaos Rings III is still available on ios, and I loved the music of that game so much that I spent over 100 dollars on a copy of the Japanese collectors edition for Vita, just for the music CD (since the "prequel" games can't be downloaded to Vita unless you have a Japanese PSN account, and the music is not available in itunes).

    So, I spent almost 1000 dollars just to gain access to Square Enix products, when I would much rather have paid 1000 dollars to Square Enix to help fund development of new games!

    I can definitely appreciate that there is less of a market for mobile games in the West, but after the huge success of games like the Bravely series and FF Explorers, I thought that perhaps SE would consider more mobile game releases to Western players in the future.

    However, I was just disappointed to learn that I am Setsuna will also not be getting a mobile release in the West.

    I'm sure there are things that I don't understand about the business model for mobile gaming, however as a fan who just paid nearly 1000 dollars to obtain games that are priced at 19.99 or less, I wanted to at least put a note here on the forums in case Square Enix is listening...take my money!

    If it is difficult for mobile games to be profitable in the West at current price points, then maybe SE could consider implementing optional cash shops in new RPG releases? This seems to have been very successful for games like FFXIV and FF Brave Exvius. Chaos Rings III is one of the best games I've ever played, so personally I would love an opportunity to throw more money at it to encourage development of the next game in the series, since I think it is worth so much more than the price in the app store.

    Thanks for listening.

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    I finished Chaos Rings 1 and 3 but not Omega and 2. It sucks that they pulled all except 3. But I know the reason. Square Enix is too lazy to update the games so that they run properly with newer operating system versions. I'd be extremely happy if they port Bravely Second and I Am Setsuna to mobile. These days, I find myself having too little time for other platforms to play on, while I can play on mobile anytime anywhere.