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Thread: Season 2

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    Season 2

    I feel like there is a big hole in the story.

    Season 2 could be about Max again and his adventure to search more info about her powers and how she got them.

    C'mon guys,We need to know more about her power and how she obtained them..or..who gave them :?
    And another alternative could be a story about a scientist who observed the things happened in Arcadia Bay(eclipse,snow,two moons) and he know someone used time travelling.And he want those powers so much

    I want Max and Chloe in season 2,they're a good team of BFF(if you choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay),if you choose to sacrifice Chloe,you'll be with another caracter,cuz you need a comrade

    This was just my opinion for Season 2.

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    Yeah, it would be great. But information about the second season, no = (. Max and Chloe very good command, and... funny command colorful

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