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Final Fantasy Titles on Steam

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    Final Fantasy Titles on Steam

    What legacy titles would you consider buying if ported to steam?

    I bought final fantasy 7 on steam. Final fantasy 1, 8, Tactics for Playstation Portable. And Final 6 for android.

    This comes from a discussion in FC chat in FFXIV about classes. They were mentioning many classes from FFXI i knew nothing about and i mentioned my best idea of Final Fantasy classes was from FF Tactics. Then i got nostalgia and i went to check Steam for this title. It is not available. I did not finish it on PsP because i did not like the interface and dealing with battery life. I would buy it if it is released on Steam though.

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    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy XII
    Dragon Quest V (PS2 ver)
    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 1 & 2
    Parasite Eve